Messerschmitt Me 309

There could be a little discussion here about this aircraft, its not the point of getting the Me 309 into the game as only a few were made and actual performance would be problematic to simulate.
Contrary to the majority opinion, the failure of the Me 309 was due to politics at Messerschmitt factory, and the inability of German industry to get a new aircraft into mass production.
Had the aircraft been brought into series production, it could have been a very potent counterweight to recent Allied aircraft such as the P-51D/H and Spitfire Mk.xiv-2x


If it was capable of flying, and its guns could shoot, then sure let’s add it. If it couldn’t yet fly, or had no guns on it, then it’s not meant for the game, especially as we have to many paper planes as it is…
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(P-51H is post war) We shouldn’t need prototypes when the actual counters are already freely available in the game:

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Fw 190 A-9 would be good to see.

pretty much just an A-8 (+50hp and a few mils of armour around the engine/cockpit), though there were some interesting rustatz kits (tbf the same as the A-8, the A-8 just lacks them in-game)

I think that you mean +200hp and also +20km/h faster than the A-8. A suggestion was passed to developers on the old forums but I am unsure if that carries over to this new forum. More info:


The Fw 190D was, like the Me 209 (II), the only piston-engined machine that German industry was able to put into production, and that only because it was not a new design. The Me 309 on the other hand was a completely new machine and the Germans were unable to put it into series production.