Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a “Schwalbe” W.Nr. 111711

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Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a “Schwalbe” W.Nr. 111711.


The Messerchmitt Me 262 Schwalbe was the first intensively produced production jet fighter. It was mainly used by the Luftwaffe from 1944 to defend the skies of the Reich from constant German bombing, but not only the Germans used this aircraft. On Easter Sunday 1945, test pilot Hans Fay decided to defect with his brand-new Me 262 A-1. He had had the idea in mind for some time but had to wait until his hometown was taken by the Allies to be sure that his desertion would not affect his parents. During the flight with his group, Fay turned in the opposite direction to the designated one and landed in Frankfurt at 1.45pm the same day. The pilot was interrogated for a long time and the plane was repainted with an American color, and both he and his engines were tested for a long time. On August 20, 1946, American pilot Walter J. “Mac” McAuley Jr. of the US Army Air Corps had to eject near Lumberton, Ohio, while he was carrying out a test flight of the plane. One of the engines caught fire during the flight and the plane became ungovernable, forcing the pilot to abandon the aircraft which crashed shortly after.

Armaments and propulsion.

The aircraft had heavy armament consisting of four 30 mm MK 108 cannons mounted in the fuselage. Each weapon had a supply of 80 rounds, and despite the paucity of ammunition the plane could destroy many opposing planes in just a few hits.
As for engines, the aircraft was powered by two germans Junkers Jumo 109-004B-1 turbojet engines. Each engine was capable of providing 8.8 kN of thrust, and so the aircraft could reach a maximum speed of 878 km/h.



Crew: 1
Engine: 2× Junkers Jumo 004B-1 turbojets, 8.8 kN each
Length: 10.60 m
Width: 12.51 m
Height: 3.50 m
Maximum weight: 7.130 kg
Maximum speed: 870 km/h
Ceiling: 11450 m
Range: 1050 km
Armament: 4 x 30 mm MK 108 guns

Pictures and drawnings.







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