Message about account deletion and ban for cheats but I haven't used any

I was test driving the Gerpard when a message came up from a name of TheAziroth and said that I was found to be using a illegal cheat menu and my account would be permanently deleted in the next round of bans. I have used the WarThunder Live site and downloaded user skins and sights but nothing that modifies the game itself like a menu. Is this message false or mislabeled because I have spent over a couple hundred dollars in this game from premiums to GE. Is there a way to prove that I’m not cheating because losing this much money and progress is terrifying accessibly that I haven’t used anything but User Skins and sights which are in their designated folder and not program file folders. I just sent a message to Gaijin support but wanted to see if there was any advice because if it’s user skin or sight related I’ll happily delete them all so that my money and progress are not obliterated. I just don’t know what else to do with this.

I’d be putting a massive bag of salt toward this, but if they are just a player they’re providing the salt…

You wanna hit up a Mod/GM about them.

(( edit - I haven’t heard of them at all, and they definitely aren’t listed in the who’s who on the forums here so they’re likely trying to threaten you because they’re upset that you got them in a match somewhere, and thus they should be passed on to the proper people (actual staff) ))

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TheAziroth is just a random player.


It’s a bit embarrassing that I got scared about this but thank you.

Thank you for the information because it helps. I’ll try to find out a way to report them if they are just a random player.