MerkavaMk4s armor

The Merkava Mk 1-3 are very nice tanks.
However, the Mk4s are more helpless against APFSDS than the Mk1-3, and the recent addition of the spall liner in the update has put them ahead of similarly rated MBTs.
Now is the time to provide a completely different environment by reverting to the armor pressure used in the DEV server days and make the Merkava Mk4s a more attractive MBT, which will not only improve this tank but also increase the number of Israeli players and encourage them to pay for weapons such as the Mk3D Ramsegor. I think.
Gaijin should enhance the armor of the Merkava Mk4s and this should encourage players to charge for the Mk3D Ramsegor in an attempt to get it faster.

※There may be some things wrong in places due to the use of Deepl, but I hope it will catch the attention of the Gaijin!


iirc, a bug report was made for merk 4, its still acknowledged, but nothing has been still done

also, i dont think it has spall liners


From what I’ve heard, it’s spall liners are combined within its inner armour, but I have no proof to back that up

If you mean these, then no, because these are sound foam layers or whatever they are called, not spall liners

Alright, thanks for clarifying!

Gotta love how the Merk 4s being a big chunky and extremely heavy boi with a massive turret and hull is just made of hallow cardboard in gaijins eyes…

Really hope they make the engine, hull armor, and parts of the hull behind the engine better armored so it can actually withstand kinetic shells.

It supposedly able to survive kornets from the side… the side! Yet ingame it can’t survive them from the thickest frontally armored part of the tank… ridiculous man…

I was reading about the merkava, and I know many say it can’t, but I think the engine and transmission can indeed tank a shot, with both combined its ~2000mm of steel and a bit of aluminum, and thats not including the UFP either. Of course some of the power pack is hollow, it has to operate as an engine/transmission, but even still theres enough material in there that it should be able to withstand a projectile.

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A properly developed Israeli tree would be super fun however the devs are apparently unwilling to flesh it out or give the existing vehicles any amount of accurate modelling. The Merkava mk.4’s SLERA is distinct from both ERA and NERA and really needs to be modelled as it’s own thing, and even the NERA modules on the tank are underperforming pretty heavily.

On top of that, I don’t see why they haven’t added the LAHAT gun launched ATGM yet.

It’s too bad, because the 3D modelling is great, it’s just an obvious unwillingness to give the vehicles accurate stats.


They seem to be limiting their own revenue when improvements to an attractive MBT would encourage players to charge more.

Might be a patent on Merkava Mk4s armor