Merkava tanks protection

With upcoming update Air Superiority will T-90M get chain nets as extra chemical amunition protection (as seen on photo below)

T-90M chains

So I would like to see this on Merkava tank variants also couse they are notoriously known for this type of protection and it would add them extra chemical amunition protection. Also it would make them more realistic and look better.

merkava 4 nets
Merkava mk.4M with chain net protection

Unknown Merkava mk.4 variant with same type of chain net protection

merkava mk 2 with chain nets and anti mine roll system

Merkava mk.2 with chain net protection and anti mine roll system

And here is Merkava mk.3 with chain net protection

I think it could be implemented to game by some extra protection modification as other tanks in game have. For example challenger 2F, T-72B3 and other. Also that protection modification could implement some other tank protection stuff like droid APS for Merkava mk4 LIC (seen on photo below)

Merkava mk4 LIC with droid APS

or also some roll mine protection like Nochri-Kal Mine Roller System if mines would be added to warthunder (seen on photo below)

Merkava mk4 LIC with Nochri-Kal Mine Roller System and droid APS

Give me your opinion on this theme below. Thank you for reading this and hope we will see this in warthunder in future.


Would love to see the chains on the Merkavas.


I was on a M1A1 roll tank, the rollers make turning absolutely atrocious. Imagine a 3 or 4 point turn going around every city corner in urban heavy maps. Mine plows can be raised and lowered giving less downside to maneuvering. The roller bra on the other hand is a nice big chunk of additional armor on the upper and lower front glacis.


Agreed, the Merkavas don’t receive the treatment they should get.
The armor and protection are lacking most times and definitely need a buff.
This could definetly be a great start to take the Merkavas to what they should be like.


why the he11 is there a near 2 br gap between mk2 and 3?

well, first Mk.3 is on around 10.0 but enemy team cant handle the heat so gaijin kick it to 10.3 then 10.7 and then 11.0 and that how it end up there. the enemy tank that this tank desire for will never see each other.

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no doubt i found out it was 10.0 originally the other day

COD ruined games

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like i said. enemy player cant handle it XDDD

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