Merkava Mk.4 Armor Issues

So I’ve been doing some research on the Mk4 since it seems far underprotected in game, Gaijin has 450-600mm listed on their modular turret armor, from what im seeing its up to 1200mm on at the thickest point including the actual turret. im curious as to why its nerfed so much in game and where Gaijin got its source. Thoughts?


where is this from, source? is it backed up by anything?

this is effectively just a random picture from who knows where. i don’t doubt that it is missing some armour, but not to this extent.

I was just wondering if it meant equivalent protection or actual thickness lol.

It could be CE effective protection, that would make sense I think. although I don’t know the in-game values to fact check it against those

It’s arround 980ce in game for the turret.

where is gaijins source saying otherwise?

LoS (line of sight) is usually used when describing actual thickness of the armour module.

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thats not how this works. again, i don’t doubt that their values aren’t 100% accurate, that’s basically impossible to get with a modern classified MBT.

but, you can’t just have a random image with no source and then say ‘no, you prove otherwise.’ you provided the image, therefore you need to provide the source and the argument for why those values are correct.

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Oh don’t worry, they don’t need to have any… but you need 30 manuals taken directly from the Ministry of Defence if you’re trying to change something though :)

Case in point; they don’t care in the slightest if something is really wrong, for example my recent report about the model of Leopard 2s turret:

Merkava’s armour been dog for years now, and as you can see, they haven’t done jack about it.

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He’s simply asking where you got the source for the image?

That’s ChieftainWarrior, the OP (stangbro) was the one who posted said image and asked where is Gaijin’s source.

Yup, just noticed that I replied to the wrong guy. But Thankyou anyway.

Burden of proof lies on person making the claim.


merkava players when theyre asked to provide reliable kinetic protection info about merk 4 (it doesnt exist)

There is a one year old bug report about the issue, Community Bug Reporting System

just to remind, the namer ifv based on merkava 4 hull can withstand from front to 3bm42… what you see in game is just pure developers fantasy nothing real about it, the protection is at least 40% more

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Same goes for the snail claiming “realism” and “authenticity”.