Merkava Mk.2D and Sho't Kal Dalet Max Vehicle efficieny is only I-VII

Gaijin raised the Merkava 4M to VIII and didn’t fix the research efficiency on premium vehicles, which doesn’t make sense. The worst part is that no one has complained, lmao

Your pic doesn’t show the important part:
Haven’t they changed research efficiency or haven’t they changed the writing?

Edit: They haven’t changed the premium!

Well, they arent rank 7 prems, they are rank 6, so they wont research rank 8. Israel will get rank 7 prem in the future.

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It would have been better to leave it at VII and then release the premium; this makes no sense.

Premium vehicles can only research vehicles below and one rank above them. It means the Shoot kill Delete and Merkava Mk.2D can only research up to Rank VII and not rank VIII as @DevilO6 has stated above.

@_Lalo_Salamanca Premiums will probably come eventually as well as another top tier tech tree vehicle. France is in the same position at the moment as are other nations probably that don’t have top tier premiums.

Sadly thats what happen when they add new rank, they have to move something there

Considering that the CV 90105 is 9.7 and the M1128 Wolfpack is 9.3, both at Tier VII, I don’t see reasons for the Merkava 2D not to be VII, given that it has a BR of 9.7. Anyway…

Well put a report in and see if you can have it moved up a rank. No harm in trying

I could try, but it won’t help much. Since the grind is going to be lengthy, when I finish Rank VII, at least I’ll have a chance to complete the research for my Chally 3 without a talisman. xD

Wolfpack is 10.0 just like CV 90105

AB vs RB…

Where did you get that? I checked it in War Thunder, with RB mode selected, I only play RB.

Right in the hangar. CV aint 9.7 for a while, so isnt Wolfpack.