Merkava Mk.2C LIC - Serves to the last.

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I you voted in favour, how you think it should be added?
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Should It have “DROID” soft kill active protection system?
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Merkava Mk.2C LIC


Merkava Mk.2C LIC - Is one of the last upgrades to the Merkava Mk.2 series of MBT in the service with IDF, it is based on a Merkava Mk.2C that originated from the experiences of urban battles, where the Merkava Mk.2B (model on which it is based) initially proved to be poor in protecting the crew from rooftop attacks. Thats why this variant introduces a new modular armor on top of the turret, to increase tank protection against RPG attacks from elevated positions in urban areas or aircraft fire.

The prefix “LIC” in the name stands for the kit designed for the combat in the urban environment, which itself is abbreviation for “Low Intensity Conflict”. The tank is fitted with marking poles, which assist the commander and driver in movement in narrow streets, Grills to prevent objects being shoved in to the exhaust and other vents, grills on sights so they wont be damaged by thrown rocks, add-on belly armor protection against IED’s and other small additions like reverse cammera for the driver.

The tanks of this model with a LIC kit were also seen durring the 2008 and 2014 Gaza escalations, as they were deployed along with active and reserve units of IDF. But what was special about these deployments that some of these tanks where seen with soft kill active prtotection system, that is unoficially known as “DROID”. Due to the fact that it is classified the real name is unknown to the public, as well as it was seen installed on tanks only durring the armed conflicts and escalations along the Gaza border.

What is special about this soft kill APS that it is placed right above the turret and has 9 screens on all of it’s sides, therfore it provides full coverage from all sides against laser gided munitions. It basically works in a similar fashion to Shtora-1 APS on Soviet tanks, it neutralizes the threat through electronic warfare that disrupts and damages the navigation and guidance systems of the guided missiles and causes them to deviate from the target.

“DROID” APS can be seen behind the comander of the tank. The picture was taken during 2014 Gaza escalation. Merkava Mk.2C LIC (2nd Platoon, B tank. 3rd Company. 3rd Armor Battalion. 7th Armored Brigade)

In the early 2000’ a rather large quantities of Merkava Mk.2 were in service in both active and reserve brigades of IDF armored corps, and by this time the realities of the useage of these tanks had changed a lot, more and more often tanks began to be used in counter-terrorist operations for heavy infantry support. And for the tank, new main threats appeared for which it was not originally intended to counter. For example, shovment of stones or “Molotov” cocktails into the exhaust and air intakes, throwment of stones at the tank’s optics in order to damage them, IED (improvised explosive devices) explosions from beneeth the tank and what also shouldn’t be forgotten, the difficulties of crews navigating in narrow streets and alleys.


Magach 7 Gimel (7C) durring one of those kind of operations mentioned above.

So the solution to this problem was first demonstrated in 2005 at the LIC convention, where the first converted tanks were shown, namely the Merkava Mk.3D and Mk.4B. Shortly thereafter, this set of improvements called LIC (Low Intencity Conflict) was adopted by the IDF as it solved all the problems mentioned above regarding tank protection and navigation. The exact number of tanks equipped with this kit is not known, but it is certain that not all tanks were equipped with this kit, and those that did were sometimes missing some parts of it. Merkava Mk.2C was not spared and some of the tanks were gradually equipped with this protection kit.

In 2008 during a military operation called “Oferet Yetzukah” ( heb. מִבְצָע עוֹפֶרֶת יְצוּקָה (Operation Cast Lead) ) otherwise know as just “2008 Gaza War”, Merkava’s with LIC kit of 7th Armored Brigade were seen with so called “DROID” soft kill APS, which is similar to the Soviet Shtora-1 APS, it disrupts and damages the navigation and guidance systems of the guided missiles, and has proven to be highly effective, since Hamas’ main anti-tank weapons are Soviet and Russian-made ATGM’s, which are highly vulnerable against this type of countermeasure.


Close-up picture of “DROID” APS on “Nagmachon” heavy APC.

Then during the escalation in 2014, Merkava Mk.2C of the 7th armored brigade again fell into the frames of the cameras with that APS system, shortly after the 2014 war, IDF announced its intention to update its tank fleet with the publication of the long-term IDF development program called “Tnufa”, which meant only one thing for the good old Merkava Mk.2, that her time had finally come. Soon in 2016, the Merkava Mk.2’s finally went into reserve with the re-equipment of the 7th armored brigade with the brand new Merkavas Mk.4M. Since then, their number in reserves has gradually decreased with the production of new Merkavas. These days they are almost taken out of reserve and most are sitting around in warehouses (Mk.2C and 2D with and without LIC kits).

But this might be not the end for them, since the purchase by foreign buyers was being discussed latley. And this means that these tanks can potentially get a new breath…

General information:

2014 Gaza War, Merkava Mk.2C LIC w/“DROID” (2nd Platoon, B tank. 3rd Company. 3rd Armor Battalion. 7th Armored Brigade).
Merkava Mk.2D can also be seen in the background with same APS system.

Merkava Mk.2C LIC is no way different from preveous versions of Merkava Mk.2 in it’s firepower. Same 105mm Sharir gun, which itself is a licence built M68. That can fire good munitions of Israeli manufacturer like M111, but as it’s a rather new modification of Mk.2 tank series it could be given M413 like Merkava Mk.2D does. The tank has two plane stabilizer, good gunner optics with thermals. As a secondary armament, the tank is fitted with one 12.7mm M2HB, one coaxial 7.62mm FN MAG 60 and two FN MAG 60 on the roof next to loader’s and commander’s cupolas. Not to mention 60 mm internal mortar.

  • Main armament- 105mm Rifled Sharir

  • Secondary armament- 1x 12.7mm , 3x 7.62mm machiene guns and 60mm internal mortar

  • Two Plane Stabilizer

  • Laser range finder

  • 1st generation thermals (gunner)

  • Good Optics

In terms of mobility, the tank will be identical to its predecessors. Since there were only a few changes in it, which are not too significant for the mobility parameters. The tank is powered by the same 900hp AVDS-1790-6A V12 air-cooled diesel engine with Ashot Ashkelon hydromechanical automatic transmission. The tank has 8 gear forwards and 4 gears reverse, and a top road speed forward of around ~50km/h ( ~31 mph ).

Merkava Mk.2 protection at the br of 9.0 is exelent. Merkava doesen’t really have a great armor thickness, but it’s shapes and placment of internal modules makes it really hard to kill. As to this exact version, It has additional armor on top of the roof and if you look closley, you can see that there is also fitted with additional prototection over frontal arc where the driver sits, although it is not that thick, it has more chances to stop HEAT rounds from penetration in that erea.

In addition to that this tank could carry “DROID” soft kill APS, the high placment of which over turret and 360 degree protection against laser guded ATGM’s, make this tank invincable against laser guided ATGM carriers, but it won’t be OP as “DROID” is very exposed above the turret and has no protection, so it can be easely knocked out by atocannons.

2008 Gaza War, Merkava Mk.2C LIC (1st Company. 2nd Armor Battalion. 7th Armored Brigade).



Length - 7.45m ( 8.63m w/gun forward)

Width - 3.7m

Height - 2.64m (3.50? w/DROID ** assumption **)

Weight - ~63,200 kg


Engine - Teledyne Continental AVDS-1790-6A 900hp V12 air-cooled diesel

Transmission - Ashot Ashkelon hydromechanical automatic

Power To Weight Ratio - 14.29 hp/t

Top Road Speed - 50 km/h

Suspension Type - Helical spring

Road Range - 500km


Main Gun - Sharir (M68) 105mm, Rifled

Secondary Weapons - 1x 12.7, 3x 7.62mm Machine Gun and 60mm internal mortar

Ammunition Storage - x62


Armor Type - Spaced / Steel / Laminate / Modular

APS- Yes, Type: Soft Kill, Name: DROID, Horizontal Coverage: 360°






Total - 4

Conclusions and final words:

Another Merkava with it’s own interesting features, It doesn’t hurt to have another Merkava. To make this one differ (in addition to DROID) from the preveoius ones, it could be given M413 APFSDS as Mk.2D does, and placed at 9.3 in folder with Mk.2B. This way I would be unnececcary to grind it out unless player need additional vehicle to his 9.3 lineup.

Thank you for reading my suggestion trough to the end, If you are interested you can check out my previous suggestions via my profile, as of right now I havent transfered all of my suggestions from the old forum so you can check out them through the links there.

And as always if you noticed any mistakes or have any helpful sources, please let me know and I will make necessary corrections.



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more merkavas are always welcome

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Cool one +1

The soft kill APS is a good addition to rank 6 before getting to Trophy at rank 7.

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