Merkava 4 (all) incorrect armor multiplier

the thickness of armor and protection it gives are not appropriate, the front protection value from 450-600mm but in game it gives less than 400 everywhere on front making it a “non armored veichle” realistically the protection of this tank is a bit better than leopard 2a6 in turret, for reference about hull the namer apc based on merkava 4 hull can resist to 3bm42 without too much damage, as people listed the multiplier of armor is around 0.12 wich is less than rubber fabric.
So please fix this soon because with current armor, slowest reload, and normal mobility is one of the worst to play

It no longer has the slowest Reload speed.

BRUH 7.8 seconds with paper armor and giant target

When you Ace the vehicle, it matches the 6 seconds of other NATO MBT.

Although mine isn’t aced, it is Experted with a max loader and has 6.4 seconds on the reload.

Nice skin ;)

it is quite lovely

Yes indeed

Just wish the armor could stand up better to enemy fire.

I wouldn’t know. I don’t have top tier 🤷‍♂️

still too slow, is bigger and less armored than type 10 it should have 4 seconds at best, the idf standard for a loader is 4.5 seconds

I’m fine with a 6 second reload rate. All I want is more armor.

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According to Israel top has the 2nd lowset winrate at top tier (not counting america) so hopefully that makes the statistics show that the merkava is underperforming and it eventually gets buffed

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I don’t typically use Thunderskill to gauge performance tbh, but I do agree. Israel not only lacks options, but they also have a mediocre MBT


and trophy is so unreliable

It can hardly stop Khrizantema missiles.

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