Merged ERA of tanks

Why Gaijin merged the ERA of some tanks, while others are not?
Like T-80 and 72 series, they usually have 4-5 ERAs be merged to one module, that makes them be weak when be shot many times at the same position
For VT-4A1, the 5 FY-4 blocks at front hull are be merged to 2 groups, means they could provide a little protection while much less than ZTZ99As
Even for SepV2, the outside ERAs are merged from 4 to 1 each group but inner ones are just 4
So, is this a way to balance or just because nobody report it? Seperate these ERAs to make it more relastic and historical!


i agree

i agree

3 FY-4 that be merged into one module

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left 2 fy4 into one module too

Absolutely for ERA like FY-5, but for K-1 and similar small and weak ERA I think this is fine.


i agree

That’s the easiest problem among those of chinese top-tier tanks. Fix it!gaijin.

Depends on position and ERA, things like Kontakt-1 should activate 1 by 1, but things like K-5 and Relikt will all activate if their plate which they throw into the round is hit, if its Konkakt-5 which is in smaller container like Kontakt-1, then it should activate 1 by 1. Relikt in soft bags should activate one bag at a time.

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I agreed, I’m not so satisfied with this model in details.