Forgive me if I don’t know the right terms for the menus I’m describing. And, I play Ground Arcade. Well, there’s the menu you get when you hit the escape key (same in game as when doing test drives). I think there’s another called the mulifunction (correct ?) which is different. Well, the point of this thread is that I bound the regular menu to a key on my throttle and it only brings up the menu in test drive but, not in game (still have to use escape key). Question, what’s up with this? I have also searched to see where escape shows up in the controls (common and tanks) and only find it listed for cancel artillery.
And if someone could explain to me what the other menu is (that looks like a circle). Thanks

The escape menu cannot, to my knowledge, be unbound from the escape key (I could be wrong on this but I have checked and I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

As for the multifunction menu, it is a menu for functions of a vehicle such as trying to lock a radar target or switching between weapons because War Thunder is at the point of having too many features to realistically have keybinds for them all.

The ‘escape’ menu is ‘common’ ‘interface’ ‘Menu’.