Meet Tropical Storm, the 13th Season of the Battle Pass!

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There’s a storm brewing! New Zealand’s Strikemaster Mk.88 flies over the jungle, wreaking absolute havoc just like a tropical storm. This jet-powered attack aircraft is the grand prize this season, and is a variant created by British company BAC specifically for New Zealand’s Air Force.

To receive Battle Pass rewards, you’ll need to regularly log into the game and complete tasks and challenges. Each level of the Battle Pass will earn you a prize, be it a player icon, loading screen, title, decals, decorations, or 3 brand new premium vehicles!

Meet Season 13 of the Battle Pass!

When: From October 25th until January 24th.

Season awards

As with all Battle Pass seasons, there’s a new set of awards that we’ve lined up for you. See the full list in the Battle Pass tab in the hangar, or check them out on our Wiki. Here’s some key awards for this season, Season 13:

HMS Gay Archer

A Premium Torpedo Boat for Britain at Rank III.

A versatile patrol boat with a 40 mm Bofors cannon on the bow, as well as 2 x torpedoes, HMS Gay Archer is sure to be a fun addition to Britain’s coastal forces!

Breda 90/53

A Premium Self-propelled Vehicle for Italy at rank III

A 90 mm anti-aircraft gun capable of one-shots mounted onto an army truck, similarly to how the Germans did it. Because of this, the Breda 90/53 has one of the best guns at its rank!

Strikemaster Mk.88

A Premium Strike Aircraft for Britain at Rank IV.

A lightweight, compact jet attack aircraft that is ideal in the CAS role. Despite its small size, the Strikemaster Mk.88 can still pack a punch as it carries a good payload of bombs and rockets. Fun!


Emblem of the 27th Strike Fighter Squadron

Emblem of the 87th Strike Fighter Squadron

Emblem of the 125th Strike Fighter Squadron

Emblem of No. 75 Squadron


Mk 1-A (tank)

Assault rifle (Italy) (tank)

Waka (ship)

Profile icon

Strikemaster pilot

All rewards and challenges for season 13

About the Battle Pass

If you’ve got two Coupon Upgrades from stages in the previous season, then you can claim the new Battle Pass for free! Exchange them in the purchase menu of the Tropical Storm season

The Battle Pass is a seasonal event where players can earn many rewards, from Silver Lions and boosters to exclusive season prizes: decorations, profile icons and premium vehicles. The rules are simple: you earn progress points and use them to unlock new stages, earning valuable prizes in the process.

You can unlock new stages and receive awards at any time during the season.

You can access the “Battle Pass” window through the promo block on the right side of the hangar screen

How to participate


  • You get progress points every day for entering the game.
  • From 1 to 5 points.

Complete Battle Tasks

  • See Battle Task descriptions in the game and get progress points for completing them.
  • From 2 to 5 points.

Complete Season Challenges

  • Season Challenges are very similar to Battle Tasks. One Challenge is available at the season’s start. Every week you get another one or two challenges, three more can be unlocked by opening stages.
  • 30 points.

It would be great if we could buy old battle pass vehicles in the warbond shop.


The task Strom Warning should be changed or count Motor Torpedo Gun Boats, Motor Gun boats and Armored Gun Boats as Gun boats as well.
image image
there’s only 4 and simply not enough gun boat designated vehicles in game all rank 4 or 5 and only for some nations. And HMS Spey is a market vehicle. Same issue was in the last battle pass when Motor Torpedo Gun Boats didn’t count for Torpedo Boat task but wasn’t that extreme due to abundance of standard MTBs.

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In their defence, Groza at 3.0 by Dec. 20 isn’t exactly a hard grind if you want to do it.

That said, they really should sort out those categories. Hoquiam and Spey are basically the same ship frame, naval architecture wise. One is a frigate, the other is a gunboat in game.

wouldn’t say around 200k rp is small if you don’t have soviet coastal at all. But its an option im not really stressed to do it that much but its just stupid to do these tasks like that.

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Another battle pass I can safely skip, whew


The only interesting vehicle in the BP is the Italian truck and is free, so well done !!!


the only interesting one is the strikemaster you mean


Nothing here at all for air players. I’m off the hook! 🥳

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Reading comprehension not your best subject at school huh?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Calm down there Edgelord. Save some for the rest of us.

What vehicles does “Gun Boat” apply to exactly?

We have “Gunboat”, “Motor Gun Boat” and “Armored Gun Boat” on the statcards. None have “Gun Boat” as it’s written in the challenge description, so it seems like it could apply to any and all of these categories at the moment.

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The great return of the awful task : “1 capture 1 airkill 1 ground kill” in air battles…

Ingame task says “Gun Boat” (not “Gunboat”) in the header but “Motor Gun Boat” in the subtask progress bar.
So it’s still very confusing

I’ll correct the description, thanks



What happened to the Strikemaster’s gunpods?

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Work in progress.

Why isn’t the Strikemaster labeled ingame as an event vehicle, like the Gay Archer and the Breda?