Meet the Winners of the Air Superiority 2024 Tournament!

For the second major tournament event of 2024, following six weeks of intense competition, team DODEC emerged as the ultimate winners of the Air Superiority 2024 Tournament. They dominated each round of the winners bracket before facing team Wasted Time in the final who pushed them to the limit, with a final score of 5-4 on the late BO9.

Team DODEC have now claimed back to back victories in two major tournament events! Who can stop them?

Congratulations to the winners and all participants!

Thanks to VIRPIL Controls for sponsoring this event and offering great prizes for our winners.

Armored Apex

The Open Qualifiers for our next major tournament event will open in the coming weeks, this time it's going to be 4v4 Tanks in Realistic Battles featuring high tier vehicles.

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Meet the new “Air Superiority” pack

War Thunder - “Air Superiority” pack

In this pack:
  • "Flanking Snail" decal
  • "Slick flanker" title
  • 300 Golden Eagles



Someone still needs to explain to me, why the rewards are flight stick in a RB tournament?

it’s not like most RB players have any use for them.

Either make those tournaments in SB or give out rewards that are useful for RB players.

The current system looks a bit ridiculous:
“we are making an air combat tournament to promote a flightstick brand!!! but we are not going to play a mode where you use flightsticks!”


Sponsors, money dictates + it’s the closest thing to WT that’s uselful, except a good PC

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Sure, but WT has a sim mode. You could have tailored the VIRPIL ad much better to it’s customers that way.

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Yeah, but sim would have not been easy for the competitors (even tho it could have added a little bit of spice) and most importantly it wouldn’t have been pleasing to watch for the spectators.

You can still spectate a sim game in 3rd person, no?

And they could also have “setup cam” showing the joystick and other peripherals in use

Dude, since when is eSports supposed to be easy for the competitors? theys should be the elite, no?

Meta in RB 1vs1 tournaments is joystick :)

will we get major update trailer on today?

Not true it’s full controls not necesarily Joystick.

But this wasn’t 1v1 was it?