Meaning of the Aircraft Mouse Aim Controls

Hello there I have searched for very long and wide the meaning of the controls for pitch roll and yaw but i have had no success.
if there is anyone that can help me understand what is:
Enable Axis,
Keep value for disabled axis,
Relative control,
Relative control sensitivity,
Relative control step.

I play mouse and keyboard and I wanted to know if there is a way I can control the sensitivity of my pitch yaw and roll as for some jets lightly tapping still slows down the jet half the times.

Thanks for the savior who knows this information as its quite the needle in the haystack to find online.

From my understanding, you cant really get the fine level of control you want. Your best bet is probably the relative control. Relative control basically changes it so that instead of the controls being 0 or 100% you can increase or decrease it. This will provide the fine tuning you want at the cost of taking much longer to reach 100%. For controls pitch and yaw, you can at least use your mouse to control those pretty well. I personally use the mouse for small movements and use the actually key binds for defensive flying and dog fighting in general.

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