Me262B night fighter variant and night air battles

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I believe it’s time to take the realistic air combat experience in War Thunder to the next level. Today, I want to share my thoughts on why I strongly advocate for the addition of the Me-262B Night Fighter equipped with radar, as well as the inclusion of a night mode in air battles. Let me break it down for you

  1. Historical Significance:
    The Me-262B Night Fighter played a crucial role during World War II. It was an essential component of the German night defense strategy and the first operational jet-powered night fighter in history. By adding this aircraft to War Thunder, we can recreate historical scenarios and provide a more immersive experience.

  2. Gameplay Variety:
    The introduction of the Me-262B Night Fighter would offer an interesting alternative gameplay style for War Thunder pilots. Its radar system would enable players to track and engage enemies under the cover of darkness, opening up new strategic possibilities. The inclusion of night battles would provide a refreshing change of pace and tactical challenges.

  3. Balance and Utilization of Existing Assets:
    Currently, the BF110G4 features radar but lacks true functionality due to the absence of night battles. By introducing the Me-262B Night Fighter and implementing night mode, we can rectify this imbalance and give purpose to the radar-equipped aircraft within the game.

  4. Immersion and Realism:
    War Thunder has always strived to provide an authentic experience. The addition of the Me-262B Night Fighter and night battles would enhance the immersion and realism of air combat. Piloting through the darkness, relying on radar systems, and navigating by instruments would truly test our skill and bring a new level of excitement to the game.

In conclusion, by adding the Me-262B Night Fighter and night mode to War Thunder, we would not only be honoring historical significance but also enriching the gameplay experience for all pilots. Let’s come together and show our support for this suggestion to the developers. Together, we can contribute to the evolution of War Thunder and make it more captivating than ever before!

Heres some info about the me262b night fighter!

The Me-262B Night Fighter was developed during World War II as a response to increasing Allied bombing raids during the night. It was designed to intercept enemy bombers in low visibility conditions, utilizing advanced radar technology.

Radar Equipment:
The Me-262B Night Fighter was equipped with the FuG 218 Neptun radar system. This radar allowed the pilot to track enemy aircraft in the dark and engage them effectively. It provided the pilot with crucial information regarding the distance, direction, and altitude of targets, improving the aircraft’s ability to hit its targets accurately.

  1. Armament:
    The Night Fighter variant of the Me-262 typically retained the armament of its daytime counterpart, the Me-262A. It was armed with a combination of four 30mm MK 108 cannons and/or two 20mm MG 151 cannons. These heavy cannons were effective against both bombers and other aircraft, making the Me-262B a formidable adversary in night air battles.

  2. Operational History:
    Although the Night Fighter variant of the Me-262 was developed and tested, it did not see much operational use due to various factors, including the limitations of the radar technology at the time and the overall situation of the war. However, the concept and potential of a radar-equipped night fighter remain historically significant.

  3. Importance of Adding to War Thunder:
    By including the Me-262B Night Fighter in War Thunder, the game can provide players with an opportunity to experience the challenges and excitement of flying a cutting-edge radar-equipped aircraft during World War II. It would also contribute to the game’s historical accuracy and further diversify the gameplay options available to players.

Here are some blueprints and pictures



If i missed anything let me know!


Sorry about the swastika on the me 262b If thats not ok i Will remove It

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I’m not a German main but I see no reason not to add it. I wish if they add it they"ll give other nations a equivalent to it though. Perhaps they could add a option for night battle in Air RB like in ground so would make use of radar.



I completely support this. This version is my favorite when it comes to Me 262 variants. I even have a model of it. It is a part of military aviation history and thus has a place in this game. +1

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If red stars can be on planes, why swastika can’t? You all good.

Night battles tho, planes did not really did night missions unless they were made exactly for that.

I don’t feel like that would be great idea to fly in pitch black darkness, only bomber hunters fought under such conditions, fighter vs fighter meanwhile… never heard about it.

Sure, can be added, as long as it’s optional.


History is written by the victors. 😉


I know I am quite a bit late but has there been a legitimate suggestion post for this machine in the forums? I can’t find one for the Nachtjäger just the HG I. Maybe we ought to put one together. I really want this thing in game.

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Night battles and the night variant of the Me-262 B-1a/U1, would be very good for the game…
There are already enough radar planes in the game for this…

But it was not such a key aircraft in the night battles, it came late…
The workhorse of the night fighters was the Messerschmidt Me-110.
Other aircraft were more or less modified for this work from day machines.
Me-110 too, but here we can already talk about some kind of complex rebuilding…

It is very extensive and interesting, the whole system of Nachtjaegers, from 1939 - 1945 …
Lots of used aircraft, development, combat operations, etc.

Only with the He-219 and Me-262 B aircraft can we talk about the direct specialization of night fighter production, but as I already wrote, they came too late to be able to change something…

The plane sure, but I don’t see how night battles would anything to the game.

Not sure anyone would enjoy trying to chase a bunch of planes with almost no visibility for 25 min.

This is the stuff of good map modeling … or if Gaijin dares to do this …
It is certain that these small maps would be enough …
It’s nice that the Gaijin models radars and stuff, but the markers and bright daylight, being in two of the three flight modes, largely eliminate the …
Good for SIM, but in other modes, with the current reality of the game, just another machine for the collection…

Night battles would be fun and make those awkward Do217 night fighter variants useful for something besides ground attack


For a night fighter, it also requires full-fledged night battles and that is not in the game…

The Air RB is great for a single engine fighter game, a hell of a fireball in a small space, all the other planes are there just to exist…

I tried the D-217 J2…
Almost no bombers (who would want to be a target), if there are bombers in the game, then before a heavy fighter can reach them, they will be shot down by faster single-seat fighters…
One game out of ten in Do-217 J2 was good and interesting …

So I’m afraid that Me-262 B-1A/U1 or Me-262 B-2 would only be up to the number…
Just take 262 A-1a, you can immediately see which aircraft it is used against in the game…
The basic A-1a has a speed of 870 km/h at 6000 meters, the two-seat night fighter is 70 km/h slower at 6000 meters…

This plane would be suitable for another game mode, event machine, premium machine, etc. … in normal ARB it would be a pain … hunting ground AIs …

I guess they could be added as regular game modes with night bombers and fighters having a higher likelyhood to see them.

Of course making these night battles interesting would require some work.
I’m thinking of a lot of AI night bombers and fighters as targets for both sides with the map showing the area of AI units on the map to not fly aimlessly around all the time and to focus the players into combat zones.

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Yes, good idea…