MCV80 ATML: Maximum Missiles

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Hi everyone, today i would like to suggest and experimental British ATGM carrier from the early 80’s that was built on the MCV80 chassis, the MCV80 ATML (Anti-Tank Missile Launcher). The name MCV80 stands for “Mechanised Combat Vehicle for the 1980s” which may initially sound unfamilair, but this was simply the prototype name for what would go on to become the FV510 warrior. Because of this you can look at this vehicle as a warrior chassis with a very exotic turret mounted where the troop compartment normally sits in the normal Warrior IFV. The AFV’s design doctrine was of the same vein of the Spartan MCT, which I have previously suggested, resulting in an vehicle designed to fill the same role, with the main difference being the addition of the 4 missile Hot compact turret (HCT). This missile turret was trialed and used by several countries during the 80’s and the MCV80 ATML was the british attempt to intergrate the HOT missile system into the british armed forces, though at the end of the day the MOD chose the Milan missile system over the HOT system, resulting in the Spartan MCT being chosen for production over the MCV80 ATML. Regardless of this choice not to adopt the HOT missiles into the british armed forces, I feel this forgotten vehicle would make a fine addition to the british tech tree, as just like the MCT it offers advantages that would make it significantly more viable in game compared to the current swingfire equipt ATGM vehicles in the tree. The TLDR for its capabilities are as follows:

  • 46 mph top speed
  • low profile with the ability to easily fire from behind cover due to its -18 degrees of gun depression
  • 18 missile ammo load, with 4 ready to fire
  • capable of firing HOT and HOT 2 missiles
  • MIRA thermal sight fitted in the turret to allow easy target aquisition


Excerpt to go with the above image from Military review:


Vehicle history:

The idea behind the MCV80 was to provide a light armoured platform that could keep up with the ultimately cancelled MBT-80. This chassis was then tested with all manner of turrets and weapon systems during the early to mid 80’s including the low velocity 90mm guns, rarden, 25mm cannons, GPMG turrets of various kinds and several ATGM missile systems. The reason for this is like with the Alvis Spartan and Stormer the MOD was in search of a modular vehicle that could be adopted for multiple roles, well maintaining most of the same compoents to make logistics both easier and cheaper. The MCV80 ATML was just one such project which was created by mating the MCV80 chassis with the euromissile HOT HCT system, to create a ATGM carrier to fill the same role as the Spartan MCT which was also in development at the time. That role was that of a more mobile specilized anti-tank unit that could fank and spank the soviet armour of the third shock army if the cold war decided to suddenly go hot and germany was invaded.

The MCV80 offering several advantages over the MCT, including range of elevation, missile load and armour, but ultimately it was rejected for service due to the UK goverment deciding to use the Milan missile system over the Hot system. The initial reliability issues with the warrior could also have been a facter, as my dad had compared its first year of service to the engine being an emphysema patent, which would make sense, as for a low production vehicle reliabilty would be more important than a mass produced AFV as if one brteaks down there would likely not be another in theater to replace it. The second seems like a likely possibility, as the initial prototype suffered several issues, which was not surprising as the entire MCV80 program was having teething issues, though these problems where soon ironed out in revisions, but by then the bad impression had been made. Regardless of the reason though the MCV80 ATML failed to enter service, and remained a one off prototype/ proof of concept demonstrator, which was a common occurance for British armour in the 80’s as it had an awkward teething faze during the manufacturers becoming private companies due to the policies of the goverment at the time. in spite of the vehicle amounting to a footnote in British Tank development, i feel it would still make an exotic addition to the game and would be a fine addition to the high tier british arsenal :).png “:)”)

Historical pictures and documentation:

Because this Vehicle is relativly obscure the majority of the pictures and documentation for it are from a series of books published by janes from the 80’s I have taken the time with the help of Kawaii to snip the details for your viewing pleasure:

Excerpt taken from Jane’s armoured personal carriers 1985-86 p.374, this one mentions the revised turret:


Image and additional description of the MCV80 ATML for when it first made its public apperance:


Vehicle Specification:


The vehicle carries 18 HOT missiles, with 4 mounted in the turret and ready to go, along with an additional 14 in the hull.

In regards to Vehicle specifcation it is as follows:

Mass 23 tonnes
Length 6.3 m (20 ft 8 in)
Width 3.03 m (9 ft 11 in)
Height 2.8 m (9 ft 2 in)
Crew 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Armour Aluminium and
armament Euromissile Hot HCT turret
Engine Perkins V-8 Condor Diesel
550 hp (410 kW)
Power/weight 23.9 hp/t
Suspension Torsion bar with hydraulic damper
range 410 miles (660 km)
Maximum speed 46 mph (75 km/h) on road, 31 mph (50 km/h) off road