Hello War Thunder community.
This topic brought up a subject that has already been mentioned a few times here on the forum.
For those who play with the USAs, you know that the M1A2 abrasives, has very weak armor and ends up being horrible against the current openetes of your BR, I ask all of you let’s open topics and like all the topics that talk about buffing the M1A2’s armor and M1A2 SEP, as the tank is obsolete and very sensitive to any enemy fire.

I would like to thank everyone who helps.



The Abrams is made to be a vehicle that can go hull down (Not always possible.)

It doesn’t need a buff, because that is where Gaijin put it after getting statistics for the vehicle from gameplay.

Hello friend xxIRONHEAD787xx could you please explain better, your message was confusing for me

After played the entire british line, my abrams experiences are so frustrating, 50 battles to get toolbox, firefight and first Afpds ammo. The abrams heat can’t even get assist, need play a lot to cap bases and rarely kill a light veichle. The frontal armor is very weak, i died a lot by frontal shots in the harddest armor spots in turret.

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That’s right, I researched all lines of the USSR, Germany, China, and I researched Britain and Israel, the US is the hardest nation to play, and the easiest nation is the USSR.

Overall Abrams suffer from its weak spot (turret ring) that it has.
irl (in reality) most of the time they wouldn’t be aiming for weak spot and the fight would occur at a range far more than 500m-1000m+ where your targets could be just a pixel in the thermal cam. (Map design and gameplay problem)

And the problem that UFP usually (upper front plate) bounce APFSDS into turret ring or bottom of the turret face.
Gaijin did somewhat model APFSDS behavior against angle armor. APFSDS can now either shatter or lose its kinetic energy or both . Now they had a fair change to shatter but sometime they might still pen after bounce

As for LFP armor (lower front plate). Gaijin already add fuel tank to act as part of the armor. But according to source (with at least fuel against KE coefficient at 0.07)
Abrams fuel tanks should add around 100-180mm vs KE (depending on their length)

But as i said main problem are because of Map and gameplay design problem. that lead into weakspot being exploit.

would also be nice if its cheek composite werent some of the worst composite armor in the game. It has about an 0.97x modifier against chemical