MBTs: Fast and Furious

Now that we’ve covered the basics of vehicles, its time to get a little… technical.

The more advanced MBTs of the game, starting at Rank V, are essentially a combo of speed, armor and firepower.

The guns on an MBT can measure from a 90mm gun to a 125,

Note that due to the advanced ammo types at this point, you may feel unwelcome. Let me simplify the main ammo types.

First, we have APFSDS, or Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot, and can come in any size (The smallest I know of is 30mm, found on the BMP-2M). These will be your main round when you get to them (Mainly Tier 6.)

APDS rounds are a lot uglier APFSDS shells, found mainly at Tier V (though some tanks at Tier 6 get em too)

HEATFS rounds (High Explosive Anti Tank Fin Stabilized) are found on every tank from tier 6 on, mainly as your first round.

ATGMs (Anti Tank Guided Missiles) come in a few different forms. Found on Russian vehicles mainly, but almost all choppers carry them. ATGM Carriers also have these.

I hope this helps anyone delving into MBTs!

Just want to add something the smallest apfsds rounds are 25mm on the Dardo and type 87 RCV

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