MBT2000 Armor

After MBT2000 is upgraded to 10.7, normal armor should be restored.

1.The KE of FY2 was forcibly balanced by Gaijin to 50, and the correct KE should be 120-130.

2.The KE protection of basic armor is approximately 450-500


Shouldnโ€™t it receive FY-4 ERA?

I think the FY4 version of MBT2000 may be too strong on 10.7, and a fully upgraded version of MBT2000 can be produced, which is Pakistanโ€™s Khalid on 11. X BR.

I think Al Khalid uses Pakistanโ€™s own ERA

Khalid is an MBT2000 version jointly upgraded by China and Pakistan. The model he sells to the public is VT-1A, so he still uses the Chinese ERA

nice protection and damage model after nerfโ€ฆ idiot gaijin