MBT-70 Autocannon aiming issue


I’ve been playing a lot with the MBT-70 @ 9.3 recently, and keep running into a odd issue. The traverse on the 20mm autocannon seems to spike upward at a certain position.

Visually, there doesn’t seem to be anything in the way making it act like that, and I was wondering if this is a bug or if there is a reason for this that I am unaware of.

I’m not completely sure but this also happens to me but I think it’s just because of the of the hatches.

Thats the part thats really confusing me, because it doesn’t seem to be that.
Independently aiming the autocannon still has this quirk regardless of turret angle. Heres a pic in test drive of it

It just seems to be that at this specific point on the chassis, the cannon cannot properly articulate.
(i can’t seem to upload a clip of it in action though, 30sec is too much sadly)

Its really weird, i guess its a proper bug then. I wonder if it also effects the KPZ-70?

This is my guess, but in general multiple guns are synced to the main gun by its elevation angle and not to the point where the main gun is aimed at. I’ve been asking to get it fixed for ages. If you select this gun and it works correctly when you’re aiming this specific gun independently, but is broken when you’re aiming the main gun, then I’d say it’s a big chance that this is the issue.

I recommend you guys to check out sturmtiger and set the main gun at something like 300 meters and see where the machinegun will shoot. It’s all broken, and that’s why multi-turret vehicles are annoying to shoot at longer distances, like SMK or M3 Lee/Grant

This happen to the remote turret of the Leo 2 PSO as well, in his day was reported but for today is not fixed yet. Btw the KPZ issue has already been reported on the Gaijin issues site an got acknowledged label but still like the Leo 2 PSO, not fixed yet