MBT-2000: The Star of the East

Can someone tell me how i can turn on ammo reminder in ground mode, before i had warning that i didnt take full ammo, but i missclicked and i turned it off, how i can turn it on again?

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10.3 is good, considering that it is Rank VI.

Yes Bangladesh has MBT-2000. As far as I know only Bangladesh and Myanmar bought MBT-2000 and Morocco bought VT-1A

Is Al Khalid going to be a premium or squadron in the future? Since MBT-2000 is in the techtree.

Maybe Gaijin will give us a premium MBT-2000

It will be the game destroyer in 10.3, just ok in 10.7, and a trash in 11.0

But having those 4 be smoke instead will be unrealistic buff in wt.

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Yet another update of mostly Soviet tanks or copy paste of them.

It’s not a copy


It is heavily based on Soviet tank design philosophy in both form and function.

this variant is the al khalid prototype so in WT its called the MBT-2000 but specifications wise it is the pakistani variant

you cant really turn it on, it just appears once i think

All modern chinese tanks are based on this philosophy but that doesnt mean that they are c&p


In War Thunder it means they share similar playstyle and performance. That’s what defines a tank as C&P for me. This can go both ways - for example a Magach 5 (M48 + 105mm) can be much more C&P-related to Magach 6 (M60) than it is to a baseline M48.
I’d also consider having 2 very similar T-72 in a single line to be a more egregious offense than seeing that same variant across 3 trees.

So for me, seeing these devblogs so far is a lot of the same.

So you don’t think the game should have any more centurions, challengers, abrams or leopards, because they all would be copypaste?

What an L take…


Hi @Stona_WT . Bangladesh also operates the MBT-2000. We have a couple of them in service. Can you guys kindly add the Bangladeshi Camo for this tank? Also I think Gaijin should add decals of other nations too. Can you tell your team to add some Bangladeshi Air Force and Army decals in the game too?


Dont worry bro they will add bd camos for MBT-2000 at some point

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Feel free to search for some nice one, jump to Suggestion Section and create a topic :)

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Of course there should be, up to a limit. There are, for example, far too many Challengers. But there aren’t enough Abrams or Leopard tanks.

Is there already a concrete date on when the current suggestions section will be deleted again?