Mbombe-6 (ZT3)

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During the 2010 African Aerospace and Defence expo (AAD), South African defence firm Paramount group unveiled the Mbombe 6 Infantry Fighting vehicle. The Mbombe 6 makes use of a 6x6 wheeled configuration powered by a turbo diesel engine allowing the vehicle to carry a variety of payloads over different terrains with extreme mobility. The Mbombe 6 can be modified to serve in a variety of roles, such as an armoured personnel carrier, armoured combat vehicle, command vehicle or an ambulance. The vehicle has enough space for a driver, commander, gunner and eight infantrymen, protected against land mines due to the vehicle’s mine-resistant hull. The Mbombe 6 can be equipped with a variety manned turret, as well as a remote operated 30mm turret and an even ZT3 ATGM launcher. For this forum post we will be focusing on the Mbombe 6 equipped with the ZT3 launcher, able to fire four ATGM’s before having to reload. The Mbombe 6 can be used in a support role, by using its mobility to get into strategic positions overlooking the map or capture zones. Once a target has been engaged the Mbombe 6 can then use its mobility to relocate before engaging another target. The Mbombe 6 can be implemented in the South African sub tree or alternatively as a squadron, premium or event vehicle.




Main Armament: ZT3A2 “Ingwe” ATGM Launcher

Secondary: one 12.7mm MG

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, loader)

Combat weight: 22,5t

Engine: Turbo Diesel

Horsepower: 450hp

Gearbox: Automatic

Top Speed: 110 km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes

Laser warning receiver: Optional



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Secondary Sources

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