Maybe something should be done to MBK-161 armoured gunboats

As the title says. In War Thunder, both MBK 161 armoured gunboats are modelled very weirdly. We know small vessels have hull sectors themselves acting as “crew boxes”, and on MBK-161s things are just, sorry for my rude, stupid. The vessels were modelled with 2 armour boxes fully enclosed above the waterline, sitting in the middle and near the bow. And another semi-enclosed one near the stern. The thing is, the hull sectors were also modelled in 3 parts, making only the middle one fully protected by armour.

I think Gaijin should rework it. They should receive a 5 sector hull instead of the current 3, which will make their armour boxes make more sense. And similar thing can be done with several other armoured gunboats.


Seems reasonable… although do people actually use hte 161’s?? :)

Probably worth making it a suggestion.

I play a lot of coastal fleet and I haven’t seen those gunboats in game for a long time.
They are very slow and Russia has better alternatives in its BR.

Yes same - I use the 2 186’s instead - the 161’s are unfathomably higher BR’s.

I’d even use the 191M before either of them normally - love 4 x 14.5’s as buzz-saws! :)

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In the past, I play the event 161 a lot with my friend. But obviously, protection on this vessel is more or less a joke, not to mention slow speed and the 76mm guns can’t aim in waves. Didn’t ever play the boat after they brought Pr.201 into the game.

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Biggest issue with the river gunboats is how most maps have rough seas, making their primary armament useless. Maybe a solution is to simply reduce sea state up to 3.7. I certainly would like to not exclusively use the secondary armament on those things to be effective.

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