Maybe it's time to perhaps move down the F-105D's BR at 10.0 just a tad bit?

I currently don’t understand the BR placement of this aircraft.

(I’m aware it was once 9.7 and extremely good but the meta has shifted and more powerful missiles and jets have been added since then)

We already have a plethora of Mach 2+ capable aircraft around 9.3 - 9.7 BR such as the F-104, Su-7 and Lightning F.6.

Before you scream: “YoU ARe GoNNa MaKe thE BRs MoRe CompRessEd.”

The F-105D Thunderchief is an absolute free kill to any jet at its BR range that is equipped with IR-type missiles (similar to the B-57/Vautour/Yak-28 since it cannot carry any countermeasures except Chaff which I rarely if ever work out thanks to most players utilizing it mainly as a high-speed low altitude jet bomber with its own AIM-9Es and the M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon.

I mean sure… It’s a high-speed jet with an impressive large payload compared to other strike aircraft but after the introduction of base respawning in Air RB now up to 5 min (you can thank the addition of the F-111A for this). It’s now so easy to deal with since the plane is gigantic and an easy target to hit with guns alone and also cannot maneuver at all in dogfights (except a few turns at high speed).

Like… you cannot tell me at this point “It’s a skill issue” if I die in an aircraft with no flares to something like the AIM-9L, R-60M or Magic IIs which the F-105D can regularly face especially in uptiers. There’s quite literally no way of evading one without maybe firing FFAR rocket pods or turning off your engine (which isn’t even reliable at times without dying to the loss of speed just for someone else to pick you off).

This jet really doesn’t seem to be that powerful even in full down tiers, I think it deserves to go back at least to 9.7 BR atm.

What do you think?

The way I see it, there’s two ways of sorting this issue:

Option 1: Give it a BR reduction and see how we go I guess?

Option 2: Give it ahistorical dispensers the F-105F mounted.

Option 3: Reduce the BR and implement the 105F at a higher BR, not really fixing the problem the 105D currently suffers.

Nope. Reducing the BR does nothing much for the MM in 90% of the time, except now it also can see 8.7s… that’s just a hard no go. Maybe stop using it as a bomber

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Do you actually play or own the F-105D?

Don’t fly it, others do… if I wanna shoot myself in the head playing a flareless 10.0 (or was 10.3) I use the Nesher instead.

Neither should ever go down to 9.7. There’s already too much stuff on 9.7 that shouldn’t be 9.7 simply because no cm. That doesn’t give them the right to stomp over 8.7s in a downtier.

What are you going to do in a 8.7-9.0 against a F105 or Nesher going fighter mode? Do we need more F104 like stupidity in that jet bracket? Nope

Aint that what is is though

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Fighter bomber designation, so typically it’s possible.