May Sale in the Gaijin Store!

I read some things on reddit and I can say I’m buying vidar

Just a quick thanks to all who have brought and are buying the VIDAR, has allowed me to drop some gnarly matches in the fox over the last few days :)

Can’t decide between object 120 or Tu-1 for my 8.7 BR lineup.

Object 120 to compliment my t-55 premium for more SL, and Tu-1 to just have something to research tech tree with while also using it as CAS. Thoughts?

Is there any Chance that i can get a Sale on Xbox? Nothing in the store yet…

Xbox gets its own sale schedule. Best I can recommend is join the war thunder Xbox group. They announce when sales happen unlike Gaijin

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Follow our Xbox Club - we will announce discounts there.

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@Stona_WT Will we be seeing the packs being retired on special for Xbox before they leave? Really hope the packs don’t go away before we see the same special all the other platforms got.

I am sorry, I do not have details on Xbox sale yet.

Yup, 100% agree and the main purpose of a premium lol Now im not fully enjoying this jet at 11.0 due to facing F-16s and Mig-29s, though I can make it work, buuuut it is very rewarding considering each game will be 10k RP to 30k RP. Easy fast grind. Worth it to me. (Saw youtube videos about it, hate when youtubers say its bad and not to get it when its main purpose is to grind the air tt regardless what vehicle it is lol)

Remember when people were proposing premiums based on vehicles that were prototypes or scarcely used to avoid putting too unrealistic vehicles in the tech tree and ultimately to preserve immersion?

I miss those days.
With the recent premium additions the Merkava 3 Raam Sagol is exactly that (although horrible), but the M1A1 Clickbait and KVT, Christian 2 etc are boring C&P. There’s even an element of that in the Raam Sagol as its APS is not implemented in any way (some proposals were good).
Just a decade ago somewhat unique vehicles would have unique mechanics added just for them for the fun.

Yea, It used to be like that, but i think it shifted to event vehicles for that or battlepass vehicles. I do miss those days too though.

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Well seems like we miss out on that sale because the packs that were slated for removal have now been removed on Xbox without getting the 50% sale for them like everyone else got.

Sigh is my disappointment is immeasurable.