Maus Test Drive

Self explanatory, can’t test drive the Maus. Not sure it it’s due to it’s past as a tech tree vehicle, but I would really like to be able to test it out.

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It comes back every year in like november so you can get it or test drive it. The closest thing you can get to it is the E-100.

It’s still a tech tree vehicle, if you haven’t gotten it already, you can’t test drive it until it comes back for the event (You still need rank V Germany I believe)

Don’t you still need to at least have rank V unlocked?

I am not sure in that, cant check either RN, I am pretty sure you can do that with either E-100 or Maus. One for sure.

I know the E100 is an event vehicle so you can, but if iirc you have to be of an unlockable rank to do it, could be wrong though

Oh well. It doesnt really matter to the miabee73. They are PlayStation player and while i know Show in button works on PC with most vehicles, even removed ones, it might not work on PS.

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No, doesnt seem possible. Doesnt mention if thats because of not having specified rank or anythign.

I play on my pc, so show in game works, but it’s just annoying that you can’t test drive it.