Maus Return 2023

Will or can the Maus return for the 2023 anniversary?

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It usually always returns so probably

Gonna grind Germany just in case.

Where is the Maus ? I dont See it in the German Tech tree. Usually IT Returned every year for this time right now :(.
Where Maus ?
Or how wie say in Germany:
"Wo Maus ? "


Seems it will:

Grind, solange du kannst, Jungs

Will the maus be available on console?

hell yeah

I have just bought the turm III because i m only rank 4 but i can’t research the maus also with the premium tank, what should i do?

Unlock rank 5 research. If you have some xp put into the Maus you can finish the research later from my understanding


That is how it has worked in the past.

Airplane players do not have access to the Maus, it requires having 6 Tier 4 ground vehicles to purchase. sniff