Maus Nerfed Drastically against HE. rounds

Maus used to be the most durable tank in the game against high explosive rounds. This have been the case since the tank was out. Before and yet after overpressure. Maus still stood strong against all of the high-explosive type weaponry from the front. You needed to aim exactly low-right portion of the turret to one-shot the Maus with HE. There was no specific other way, besides a bottom-plate shot maybe. Any generic shot to the front of the tank (where the engine deck is) did no damage/only damaged the engine or setting the tank on fire, immobilizing it. Overall, HE was no major threat to the Maus. Same goes for all of the HESH rounds.

AFTER HOWEVER in one of the nearby patches, I specifically don’t know which; Maus got a ginormous nerf. Sealing the tank’s fate forever against HE rounds.
‘This’ update braught us the visibility of some of the internal plates inside the tanks on X-ray view.
The plate that seperates the engine deck from the fighting compartment, etc.
One day I was checking the X-ray view of the Maus, and realised all of the added internal plating to the X-ray cam. Found it to be super cool. Made not much sense of it. Until I howered my mouse over the plates.
They were 5mms thick.
Before this update, the internal plates (all of the ones you see on the X-ray cam now) were 20mms in thickness. You could see them light up when you howered your mouse over the driver’s front periscope armor. All the other internal plates would be visible, for being 20mms.
After this update, now they are seperated from this single armor-plate hybrid, and are now 5mms instead of 20mms.
That is a overall 15mms armor nerf all around inside the tank. That is a HUGE nerf, that I couldn’t see a SINGLE person notice by far.
That explained why I was dying to HE where back then it used to do absolutely no damage/only take out the engine. Now a random 155mm HE shot nearby the engine deck overpressures BOTH the fighting compartment AND the driver’s compartment, bypassing BOTH the internal plates that would be holding the pressure waves from reaching both compartments.
Take into account that there is a huge space inside the engine deck, therefore the pressure cannot do significant damage even if the plates are 5mms.
God bless the Maus, but Gaijin F’ed it over yet once again, and I believe for good. I don’t think there is a great enough audience that plays the Maus that can revert this nerf, or provide a buff.
We are hopeless.


It’ll be fine, esecially since it isn’t part of the tech tree and is immune to just about everything else. Now it suffers the same as all the other heavies, being overpressured by large cannons. You’ll survive too.


“immune to everything else” … you serious dude?

Sure in a Full downtier the Maus performs a Bit too well and your statement is… a lot more accurate… but in a slight up tier it is penned by a lot of enemies, same with moderate up tier and in a Full uptier Most tanks can pen it, from anywhere.

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So I’m a bit confused. You asked me if I’m serious, but then partially agree? Does the Maus suffer in uptiers? Yes it can. Does every vehicle in game suffer when they get uptiered? Yes. The Maus is one of the few heavies that can be out in the open and survive at it’s primary br. The IS-4M, IS-6, T-10A, T-32E1, M-103, Caernavron, and Conqueror have great armor profiles, and pretty good guns, but also have frontal weak points that are exploitable by the standard guns at 7.7. The Maus does not really have that. Add to the fact that if the Maus knows you are there, the 75mm can take out your cannon or the 128 will absolutely wreck you, possibly overpressure you, if you make a mistake. The 155mm HE cannons are a nice counter to this heavy armor.

Any HE slinger can just shoot the front of the turret and it one shots them, at 6.3 in the Type 75, any M109 it’s just point and click, same thing with the Jagdtiger, they just get deleted from the map after spending the entire game trying to get somewhere.

What’s important is if it’s correct not if it’s a nerf or not. And no the maus isn’t immune to everything else, if you play it you’ll see how in uptiers your dead in a matter of minutes and downtiers your dead as soon as you kill the first guy who had enough to spawn back with a bomb. And you say most however I think you’ll find Russian heavy tanks have the strange ability to tank bombs as if they were nothing.

I have said that it suffers in uptiers, every tank does. I have played it, and have no interest in playing it any more. I have the collectors item now, I am content. The Maus isn’t a tech tree vehicle and doesn’t really need this much attention. The fact that so many people think that such a rediculous tank design should perform like the designers envisioned that it would instead of how it actually would is baffling to me.

I approach these discussions by speaking on the BR the vehicle plays. Uptiers are harder, downtiers are easier, but the tier of the vehicle is going to be what you see the most. Also, how CAS interacts with it doesn’t matter much to me either. Planes aren’t a constant, and they are quite insignificant when discussing ground vehicle performance other than SPAA.

I do not find that the case. I quite enjoy my IS-6 and T-10A lineup, and I have been killed by bombs just as often as any other nation’s heavies. This Russian Bias rabbit hole is just as annoying to encounter as the CAS rabbit hole.

Gaijin and his endless crusade for made heavy tanks unplayable at any cost.

I say we heavy tank enjoyers need to band together as we are handed nerds left right and centre. The Russian heavy tanks I were mentioning were the object 279, is 7 sometimes and the kv 1e…. What a surprise. With the removal of points from bounces, the increase to barrel health and the terrible placements for said heavy tanks it just makes them a chore to play. I like the maus but the fact the cannon just loves to bounce on the most random of angles combined with the long reload make it not fair so well against more than 1 or 2 targets. I main britain so am familiar with the canarven (I can’t spell) and wouldn’t really consider it a heavy but a slow medium unlike the conqueror. But I just doubt the maus would use 5mm rha in the engine bay, and even if it did it would be plenty to stop 155mm from entering through it. Now would it have dont nothing irl simply by hitting the mantlet directly is another question but as it doesn’t do anything by hitting flat areas of thick armour in game I think we can ignore this (although I do understand that he is severely lacking for the most part and especially HESH as simple hits would simply shatter armour and bend turret rings). I just don’t like seeing the maus nerfed for no reason as now it performs even worse in uptiers as you know and in downtiers a simple he round above 100mm will put it out of commission. It’s only really dangerous when it has support but you never see that in wt as you have wt team mates.

Don’t forget getting bombed all the time bro

I don’t mention it because it doesn’t happen very much to me at all. I may get killed by aircraft once or twice a day that I play. I don’t see aircraft as a threat worth mentioning, especially in a post about ground vehicle performance other than SPAA.

Understandable, some players get killed by enemy tanks more often than by CAS, those with higher KDR will be killed by CAS more, my highest death count by CAS when playing the Maus was 6 times in row because other tanks couldn’t kill me.

For years, in this game, armor was unnecessary dead weight…

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You could think this way.
Some people don’t like being slow.
Some people make use of it, and can make armor work.
Personal preferance.
Armor meta is buried hidden in WT, not dead yet, barely noticable.

Yeah, one of the last times I played my Maus I died from getting smacked on the side of my turret by a 155mm HE.

It’s still a bafflement on why that works against the Maus, of all things.

The turret is the size of a house and 10x as armored as one. Dying from overpressure to it makes no sense.


My point exactly.
The problem here is the ignorance and non-necessary changes they constantly keep making.
Specifically the ones that are minor, and not easily noticable. Therefore not gonna catch many ppls eyes.

It doesn’t help that HE isn’t even consistent against what it’s supposed to work on, so when it ends up working against something it absolutely shouldn’t, it compounds the frustration.

It’s pretty funny that you can’t overpressure a Tiger 2 by hitting the turret cheeks with 183mm HESH even when aimed pretty close to the hull, yet you can overpressure the Maus by just hitting the midway point of the cheeks.

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I drove 5min just to be one shotted by 2S3M aimed for the side of my turret from 80*
Yea maus op.

These cold war artillery vehicles destroyed any ww2 flair and also made the whole pen/armor mechanic obsolete. Its all about HE shell instagib cyclejerking. What is armor good for these days, doesn’t seem to help again anything?