Matra R530 - Contact Fuse?

I noticed that Matra 530 never connects on head-ons, while producing great results when shooting from ground level up. This leads me to believe the game models it as a contact fuse, not proximity fuse. Is that right? I am just surprised with all that HE load the French didn’t add a proximity fuse to the missile.

It has a proxy fuse with a 4 second activation time.

So inside that 4 seconds its a contact fuse, after it its a proxy fuse.

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All missiles are currently bugged and proxy fuses aren’t working properly

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Oh, so that explains why missiles sometimes go through planes causing no damage. Here Matra 511 flying thru an F-100 causing no damage since failing to detonate. This is an August screenshot where I first started encountering these things, and here and there I keep seeing same issues, although I always attributed these to French being genius and using contact fuses on their AA missiles while in fact the Gaijin devs are geniuses.

it affects ALL air to air missiles right now. ive seen it myself where enemy aim-9Ms and R-27s literally fly REALLY close by and not kill me. but the devs are aware however which is a good thing

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