Massive FPS drops after a Nvidia driver update. (even in hangar)

My specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600
RAM: 16GB 3200MHz
GPU: GTX 1660 Super 6GB

FPS before driver update: 130- 180FPS inmatch, 240-300FPS in hangar.
FPS after driver update : 45-60FPS inmatch, 45-60FPS in hangar.
*Note: also the graphics look kinda werird.

did you turn vsync somehow? I see you have max 60 FPS and it doesnt go higher. How much HZ your monitor have?

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Vsync is always off for me, If it was on, it would be stuck at 60FPS, but it jumped from 45-50-70 FPS.

You can try to install previous drivers that worked fine, and also check out the nvidia control panel. Perhaps the settings have changed there

I’d check those settings though, as well as if Geforce Experience is on, use the profiler and set the game optimized settings, and even go custom and notch it back a bit.

oh damn, that’s worked !!! thanks guy!!!

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