MAS 536 tipo velocissimo classe "500" II serie.

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MAS 536 tipo velocissimo classe “500” II serie.


The MAS was a small military vessel used as a fast and anti-submarine assault vessel by the Royal Navy during the First and Second World Wars. They distinguished themselves in daring actions against the Austrians in the Great War and against the English in the following world war. Shortly before the Second World War the 500 class of the MAS was born, and over time the class evolved into the II Series characterized by a fairly light armament and a very high speed, but the vehicle suffered from too light armament and its poor resistance in waters that are too choppy or in open sea. Despite their age and the improvement of other ships suitable for that role, the MAS were produced until 1941, and the examples that survived the war were used until the early 1950s also by the Finnish and Yugoslavian navies, of the German and the Soviet ones.

Armaments and propulsion.

The motorboat was, as mentioned before, lightly armed. The main armament consisted of a Breda Model 1931 French-licensed machine gun. The weapon was placed on an anti-aircraft mount at the rear of the ship and could cover an angle of 360°. As “auxiliary” armament, two 450 mm torpedoes and six anti-submarine depth charges were mounted.
In terms of engines, the MAS was powered by two Isotta Fraschini Asso 1000 engines with a total power of 2000 hp and had an 80 hp auxiliary electric motor, which could make the vessel reach a maximum speed of 44 knots.



Crew: 9
Weight: 24 t
Length: 18.7 m
Width: 4.7 m
Draft: 1.5m
Engine: 2x Isotta Fraschini Asso 1000 (200 hp in total) and 1x electric motor (80 hp)
Maximum speed: 44 knots
Maximum autonomy: 1000 km
Armament: 1x 13.2 mm Breda Mod.31, two 450 mm torpedoes and 6 depth charges

Pictures and drawnings.







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-1, I don’t see the point, as it’s much worse than the reserve one

It can be added as a low tier little event. Or as a collection vehicle for collectionist.

+1 Could also be neat to get for the Swedish coastal tree (T11 through T14) down the line. It may be bad but at least it’s better than the Type T-1

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okey why not +1

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