MAS 500 2nd series class gunboat, MAS MT 540

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MAS MT 540, in 1944-45

The story of the MAS 500 began in 1932, when the Baglietto company presented the experimental motor torpedo boat MAS 431.
It was a very advanced design, featuring excellent top-speed, maneuverability while still being able to still deal a punch. It gathered all the experience gained by Baglietto prior and during the development of the MTB.

Following the success of the MAS 431, it was decided to create on its basis the MAS 500 class of motor torpedo boats, which were further improved compared to the original design.
Compared to the MAS 431, the derived design featured a slight increase in size, improved hull shape and the use of more modern and powerful Isotta Fraschini engines, which resulted in even better seakeeping qualities.
The armament was also vastly improved, replacing the outdated 6.5 mm machine guns with 13.2 mm and 20 mm cannons.
They proved to be an excellent weapon in the calm waters of Adriatic and Black Sea, but suffered in the more agitated waters of the Mediterranean sea, mostly caused by the compact dimensions and low displacement of the units.
76 units were built between 1936 and 1941, in 4 series, with some varying in armament, length and engines used.

The MAS 540 was built at “Cantieri Celli” in Venice and it was launched and commissioned in 1939. It belonged to the 2nd series of the class, which differed from the 1st one by having longer hull.
In 1940 it was used by the 3ª Squadriglia MAS, together with the MAS 541. They belonged to Maritime military department “Ionian and Lower Adriatic”, with their base in Taranto.
After the proclaiming of the armistice, she was used by Italian Social Republic’s navy.
In 1944, it was converted into a motor gunboat. The 13.2 mm machine gun and torpedoes were replaced by 3x 20/65 cannons, and she was renamed MAS MT 540.
She survived WWII, and she was expelled on 01/11/1949.

Why I’m proposing her?
She would make a powerful gunboat at low tier, featuring excellent mobility and armament, being even able to point 2x cannons forward. She’s also not very hard to model, as it features a hull identical to the ones of the MAS 555 and 561 currently in-game.

general specifications (1944)

  • Displacement : standard 26 t.
  • Full length : 18,7 m.
  • Draught : 1,5 m.
  • Breadth : 4,7 m.
  • Machinery : 2 Isotta-Fraschini Asso petrol engines for a total of 2000 h.p.; 2 Alfa Romeo cruising engines for a total of 140 h.p.
  • Max speed : 42 knots; 6 knots while using cruising engines.
  • Complement : 10.

Armament and equipment

  • 3x1 : 20/65 Breda 1940
  • 6x depth charges

MAS MT 540

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