Marketplace skins never show in game?

ive boughten multiple skins from the gaijin marketplace, fictional or not they never seem to show in game. it seems my money is going down the drain on a skin nobody can see? whats the issue, am i doing something wrong?

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Do you check your ingame inventory? When you purchase an item on the market, you receive a coupon in your inventory. You must consuming that coupon for use the element.

Check your settings, there is an option to disable skins like that I believe,

That option disable fictionnal contenent of OTHER players in battle. Not on the player vehicle.

Ah sorry I didn’t remember that bit

yeah i consume it, then further customize via decals. people see decals but not the livery…

I’m having this same problem. I recently bought the “Heli” winter camo for the Finnish T-34 and its showing from my POV but not from anyone elses:

The wiki states:
“It is also possible to purchase camouflage for your vehicle on the War Thunder market. This camouflage will be visible to all players in battle.”

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Apparently they fixed it in the last hot patch.

i had this happen to me rn . Bought the Tiger 2, 233 camo and other players told me they only see the default camo. @Smin1080p Is this something that should be reported, or did it just bug out cause it was my first battle with that camo or smth ?

Im having this problem as well, down below is what I see and what my friend sees

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Same, for me my friend can’t see my marketplace TOG skin and I cant see his marketplace BTR-80 skin. Our setting for show content in battle are all set to ‘any’, so it’s probably a bug.

(We can see our own skins)

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I would advise you to make a report on So they fix it faster. I made one but as per usual without khm help khm, it gets ignored

i have noticed that for months I have not seen any marketplace camo in battles…which is very suspicious…while my setting is also on “Any”…aint no way iam just playing back-to-back with people that dont use market skins

Which is also kinda shitty as one would expect historical and semi-historical camo’s to be functional, but u buy it and the game is just bugged…At this point using Live camo would have been more economically wise

My friend was trying to flex his new marketplace skin to me a couple of times but I couldn’t see it ingame. It only started loading after a few days and many battles together.


they should make option to disable skin’s .

This is a fictional skin which is why its probably not showing for other people if they have the option disabled to see fictional skins.

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