Market deal

Hi! I want to get some vehicles off the market, but there kinda crazy expensive. Soooo, I was wondering if anyone would help a brother out, and sell some of the following vehicles for much cheaper than market price.

  1. Pak puma
  2. AU-1
  3. VFW
  4. Heavy tank No.6
  5. T18e2
  6. Tiger (premium one)

Or any other vehicles that you don’t want I might be willing to purchase, again under market Current price

If you are willing please PM me. Thanks :)

It doesnt matter. The thing will get sold to the highest buy order even if you list lower price.

Umm, I’m pretty sure that if I mark something lower than the lowest price already stated it’ll sell that one first. I did that with a hat decoration. All I have to do is get an offer at a specific time and then be the first to buy it

Yeah, people do this lots now to swap GJN between accounts. If the current sell price is 40, you put yours on sale at 20 and the other account immediately purchases it before anyone else can get in there.

That’s basically what I’m trying to do