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Hi guys.

Today im gonna sugguest the Mark 8 International/Liberty



The Mark 8 was one of the very few successful international tank projects in the world.
The tank was built in both the US and in the UK as the tank that should be used if WW1 was to continue if Germany refused to sign Treaty of Versailles in 1919
The production was a long affair since the US had allready planned production of the FT-17 licensed by France. while at the same had to build the Mark 8 and the Mark 6 all at the same time.
However since the French production was lacking behind due to the war heavely putting pressuere on the french econemy. It was decided that most of the production was only to be in the US and in the UK.
After the Mark 6 was cancelled during conceptual face. it was decided that the US, UK and France were to share 1500 Mark 8,s when the 1919 offensive was to begin.
However there were issues producing the tanks since many of the factories that were supposed to build the tank werent build themselves.
When the tanks were ready for use the cease fire was just put into effect and the tank was never used in combat during WW1.
Only three tanks survives to this day. Two in the US, and one in UK,s Bovington tank museum.

Tank overview and specification

The had a crew of at least 10 men, Driver, Gunners, Loaders, Mechanic and a Comander.
The Engine was the V12 Liberty engine that could deliver at least 150 hp
The tank had had a speed of 8.5 km/h.
The weight off the male variant was 38 tons.
The armor of the tank was 16 mm at the front.
The 2 main guns was the ordnance quick firing 6-pounder short cannon ( 57 mm ).

In War Thunder

In War Thunder the Mark 8 Liberty would need a overhaul of rank 1 in order to be fun to play. so i have made a US concept tree to show were it could sit in the tree!




“Old Suggestion”

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Yes please, i also make ww1 stuff allready and there is even more ww1 stuff to come, the more there is the higher the chance and the more fun!