Mark 8 Un-obtainable

It’s currently 5am GMT on 22/08. By all reckoning this should be active right? But I cannot either buy the mark or farm it in NRB. Any ideas what is going on or has the snail crashed?

Or is noon to noon, not midnight to midnight?

what time zone are you in?
edit: srry didnt read fully (silly me)


Was told it displayed local time

12:00 is 7 hours after 05:00.

its PM then? because its 9AM at my place and the mark 8 will start at 12:00:01 PM for me

So its midday to midday not midnight to midnight, which is what I assumed

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I assumed it was a 12 hour clock it displayed, maybe its a 24 hour clock. Would be good if it gave that info

“Would be good if” is a phrase known all too well for WT players lol

Yeah. All too true

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I just figured it started 1 second past midnight. That is how it reads too me. But I guess gaijin likes doing things a little wierd and having it from midday. Shall try it “tomorrow” then

The start of task is at 11h AM GMT.
The time displayed on the task in game is the local time.