Map rotation, like and dislike maps... Does it actually work?

So I’ve decided to take some statistics on my last 99 battles.

Before jumping into data, here are my configs for ground RB maps:

Banned Map:
Surrounds of Volokolamsk

Disliked Maps:
Volokolamsk (all)
Sweden (all)
Ardennes (all)
Vietnam (all)

Liked Maps:
Middle East
Poland (all)
Second Battle of El Alamein
Sands of Sinai


Top 3 maps on my rotation (last 99 battles)
#1 Ardennes (all)
#2 Abandoned Factory
#3 Seversk-13

My question is: Does the like/dislike mechanic work at all? I keep playing the maps I dislike, but the ones I like rarely are on rotation.

It does work, but it doesn’t quite do what you’d think it’d be doing.

The ban nearly vanish the selected map out of the game, so far so good.

Dislikes reduce the odds that you do get the map, and are a statistical tool for the devs. The issue is that dislikes work best on maps that are actually widely unpopular with the community. So if you are not of the same taste as the majority, dislikes might as well do nothing for you.

Likes are purely a statistical tool, and they do nothing else.

Sorry to break it for you, but lowering the chance of map got dropped over a year ago. It is just the stats for gaijin.

I’ve toyed with starting a similar thread, but this lays out the issue fairly well. And I apologize to VeNoMxBR for the possible hijack.

A bigger issue is that Gaijin continues to ADD maps, and using Ground RB as my example, only Whiterock Fortress and the squashed version of Port Novorossiysk (as far as I know) have been removed for the moment.

At count, for Ground RB, there are 52 maps. Of these I can only ban ONE. That’s ~2% of the map choice. How does this make sense? Increasing the map ban selections to TWO would only remove ~4% of the possible maps, but I bet 500 GE that it would calm 20% of the complaints about the map rotation. I would wager a lot more GE that as the map ban number goes up, the complaints go down (other than exposed spawns, bad terrain geometry (cough cough Karelia cough cough) and other intrinsic issues).

Also, and this is more for Gaijin, but instead of waiting for me to go and “rate” a map with a thumbs up or thumbs down, why not make another pop-up that, instead of asking me to pimp War Thunder to others, simply asks me to rate the last map I played? Why not change the scale from a binary yes/no to a rating system? The rating system could have categories: terrain features/performance, clipping, “fun,” spawn camping, general look/aesthetic, other stuff I’m not going to type.

Sweeten the deal to get participation; throw in a random drawing for whatever amount of GE or a camoflage or a portrait for people who actually bother to rate the maps when they see the pop-up?

I can’t see the current system being sustainable once this game gets to 70, 80 or even 100 maps (IMO it’s not sustainable now). This is ripe for a rework (along with the chat client, UX issues, etc, etc).