Map disappearing

Hello i noticed a problem and i wanted to know if it was my game or the game in general is there any solutions?
Sorry in advance for the quality the file was too big otherwise

Someone showed something similar earlier on today, but not as severe as this.

Have you verified the game files? That would’ve been my first step.

which files? i don’t know a lot obout the games files

In the launcher, (If you use the gaijin launcher) up top right is a spanner, and in there is ‘Verify game files’ or something. Do that when the game is closed and see how it goes.

i did it and i think it saw no problem

Yea, quite likely.

You’ll want to find it reported in the issue tracker and add your submission to it, or make a new one if you can’t find it.

Chances are someone should’ve reported it.

if i get the map i will tell you if it’s fixed