Map changes DEV thread

This thread will be for talking about all of the map changed in the dev server

I personally hate this change. This is the only map that puts a lot of distance between top tier MBTs and its now being reduced from 4x4km to 3.3x3.3km (or in other words the total map area went from 16 km² to 10.89 km²) along with a lot of the hills and dunes being drastically reduces in size. Now it just feels flat and boring like every other map in the game.


I’ve never played the larger versions, so I’ll be curious how these changes will impact the normal version. Removing the mountain and labyrinth will change the bridge fight. They’ve probably created a kill zone for one team to have to traverse, while the other team can sit behind the ridge.

  • Carpathians — position in the upper part of the border between the D3 and D4 grid squares in the rocks near the capture point on the hill has been blocked.

No idea why this change. So now your only options are to climb up the hill or go all the way around the hill on right or left side to capture the point. You can’t move through the few gaps in those rocks, which allowed 3 different ways to access the capture point.

Good old Gaijin reviewing their heat map data => we want everyone to be focused into certain zones so nobody needs to look left or right anymore.


Presumably to incentivise more frontal engagements. There’s kind of a theme to these changes and has been for a while.


Gaijin over the years has shown they hate verticality, outside the box thinking (lazy kill zones and butter slopes), they want people to fight on a flat bit of ground with some cover and no flanking options (killzones at map edges making them narrower than they should be). They have shown they do not want people to think and just to go into an endless meat grinder


I think they’re just following the player.
Players like quick action, corner camping, and engagement distances that barely require you to zero the gun.
Sometimes I look at gameplay footage of mine from a year ago or so and now, and it’s incredible how much less long-range shooting I do now compared to then.
It sucks to be in the minority on this one.
I’ve decided to change my gameplay behaviour to quitting matches early a lot more often if I just don’t like the map. It’s correct for the majority of players to win out in the end, but also at the same time, I play WT to have a good time, so if a flat, first-person-shooter map isn’t for me, I’ll just pass, thanks.