MANPADS Missiles and Overload: The Technical Details

Apparently supporting accurate Stingers & Mistrals is the wrong position & gets you slandered defamed and generally attacked by people that claim to support the same thing.
I’ll still support the same things I always have without changing cause I only come to these conclusions after extensive research.


This devblog was the reason I decided not to buy the US Greek Apache premium in the sale.

Russian source says 10g Igla? That of course is average g.

Western source say max g? That of course means the absolute maximum instantaneous g, and the average g is much less. Oh and by the way we are modelling your MANPADS like our Igla, because the details of yours are still classified.

The performance at taking down a manoeuvring target is described for western MANPADS as much better than the Iglas, but in WT they perform worse.


And people said Russian bias doesn’t exist heh


This complete radio silence after these last few devblog fiascos is starting to get a little concerning.

Like either they are hoping we just forget it ever happened, or something equally as dumb as “we believe” is coming…


Spaced out over the last 2-3 weeks we’ve had Christmas, New Year and Orthodox Christmas. It was only the middle of this week that the majority of Gaijin staff returned to work. So that is the likely explanation for the lack of comms.

We hope. Dev comments on your thread leave little hope for them changing their minds.


Or they were using said vacation times hoping that we would forgot those 2 difficult to pass discussion topics


Maybe, but you’d think gaijin would be in full crisis management mode trying to explain themselves, instead of letting us just be in the dark and guess what bs excuse they are trying to come up with this time.

I have word that the 2024 roadmap will be revealed later this month, so maybe they’re hoping to answer everything there

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Welcome to holidays in Orthodox countries they begin later

OH: Gaijin will communicate another new Roadmap for 2024? @Smin1080p //@Stona_WT ?

What happenned to Gaijin if this is true?
Communication skills of Gaijin would be increased by 50%?


Yes, they litearly collected idea for it…

Ha, true,… i forgot that,… it was long time ago for me (between work of Mech.Designer and my studies at night to become an Engineer,… i forgot many non-essential things once done,…)

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Yet didnt even finish the 2023 one


“Its better than the Russian one, so we won’t believe it”


Interesingly small aerodynamic surfaces does not prevent 9M127 Vikhr to pull 15G (iaw datamines).


I find it cute in all of this the devs/mods have not popped in one single time to defend themselves, and have yet thus far not made a single peep, which says mountains more than any words could in their silence.
Quite sad, really…
They know they’re wrong, but can’t/won’t accept it, or just want to gaslight the community into accepting their decisions, which are arbitrary for gameplay reasons or just pride.
Who knows at this point what is goin on up there, but it’s anything but realistic.
Such a sad state of affairs.


I’m 100% with you on this. This topic still need to have a correct answer but they are afraid that even their response will not be accepted.

They did in flames counter thread, but they just made it even worse


That is one hell of a stretch, what to me is more likely is that their whole process is a mess, and i also have a suspition there are a at least a few rogue employees just doing whatever