[MANDU] We are joining the foreign users for 'Squad Battle'!

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We are joining the foreign users in [MANDU] Squadron! (Korea)

Applications for moving in are manually accepted.

If you sign up in the game and come to Discord and tell us, we’ll accept it!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on this post! :)

If we gather every Friday and Saturday, we will do the Squadron Battle together!

(23 o’clock,11.p.m. -Central U.S. Standard Time-)

(Also you can join on 9.a.m. with Korean users!)

-What is the Squadron Battle?-

It is a mode in which 8 users fight against the opponent Squadron by dividing it into air and ground.

There are always more than 100 current subscribers, and we always guarantee a research points of 20000 for Squadron Vehicle!

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(Screenshot of 1/04/24)

Anyone who’s new to the game!

Anyone interested in researching a Squadron Vehicle!

Who wants to try the 8-person Squadron Battle!

Anyone who wants to visit! Please visit us anytime!

The purpose of attracting foreign users is to do more and more Squadron Battle, we already own some foreign users and we are harmonizing well with each other.


Video producer:K-HERA


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