Manchukuo Imperial Army 5-coloured star

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For more Chinese permanent decals, I’d like to suggest this 5-coloured star , that served as the insignia of the Manchukuo Imperial Army of the Japanese puppet state Manchukuo, which was founded after the IJA occupied Manchuria in 1932.

It was inspired from the Beiyang Army Star, which was created in 1895 after the Qing Empire lost the 1st Sino-Japanese War serving as a modernized Western-inspired Chinese Army. They played a huge role in the fall of the Qing Empire in 1911 and were the direct cause of the Warlord Period (1916-1928), which saw China fragmented in many provinces controlled each by a warlord, who’s either a Beiyang general or a bandit.

The difference between these 2 were the meanings behind each colour, which represented an ethnicity & the arranging of the colour Yellow & Red.

Manchukuo Imperial Army Star

The meaning behind the colours of the Manchukuo stars were:
Yellow - Manchu
Black - Koreans
Red - Japanese
Blue - Han Chinese
White - Mongols

not to be confused with the Beiyang Army Star:

while the Beiyang star held these meanings for each colours:
Yellow - Manchu
Red - Han Chinese
White - Hui ( Chinese Muslims)
Black - Tibetans
Blue - Mongols

Manchukuo star on a captured Soviet BA-10M AC