Malware / AntiVirus throwing up on War Thunder Sites


I have been having issues with WT and FPS/Ping/PL issues and have been reviewing my computer for possible issues. From other player feedback it seems that WT might have been the cause. I did discover my NVidia driver update failed and not sure if that impacted game play or not but reloaded and it seemed to help a little and then next day issue seemed to go away after WT update. With this trouble shooting process I loaded Malware Bytes to perform scans. DIdn’t find any but now when I fire up WT I am getting multiple warnings about Compromise & Trojan vulnerabilities. Found one post about Trojan but didn’t come away with anything specific. Should people be concerned about these warnings?

sounds like your PC is really infected with something. time for a clean install


I wasn’t clear in my post. I am getting these warnings from my antivirus software about the War Thunder servers when I connect to them. My antivirus software says my PC is clean.

the thing about antivirus packages is, that if you install them after a machine is infected, they’re not able to do much, also, a decently intelligent virus can detect an AV product.

If you’re getting warnings about torjans and being compromised, and a million other people today did not, it is probably on your side. I wouldn’t take any risk, back-up what is absolutely necessary and restart. make sure you run a decent AV package from the get-go and not as an afterthought