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Hi guys.

Today im going to suggest the Male Mark 5 :)



The Mark 5 was the last off the British landships to see combat during The Great War.
The tank Started out as a modified Mark 4 like the tanks before them. However the Mark 5 had alot of diffirent variants which was giving the call name Mark 5* or more.
The first variant appears very simular to the Mark 4. However inside the machine has a diffirent layout with a new added cooling system even though it is said it was an error to make that upgrade.
The tank was also given a new engine, transmission and steering system in order to improve mobility.
When the Mark 5 first appeared on to the front, mid 1918 there was only a few Mark 5,s in action and the tank didnt really have a major effect on the Battlefield.
However the first major Mark 5 tank collum to attack German forces was on July 7th 1918 during the Battle of Hamel. Where 60 Mark 5 tanks was able to push the front with succes.
The Mark 5* also showed succes when it was pushing the front with 288 of diffirent Mark 5 variants together with numerous Mark A Whippet medium tanks during August.
When the war ended in November 1918 a large quantity of the Mark 5 tanks, was sent to Russia in Russian, British and US service in order to defeat the Red Army in the Russian civil war which is why most of the Mark 5 tanks suviving to this day sits in either museums or memorials in that country.
Some of the variants off the Mark 5 includes the basic Mark 5, Mark 5*, Mark 5** and to some extent the Mark 7 however this tank missed the war. The Mark 5*** also called the Mark 10 never came passed concept phase.

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Tank overview and specification

The tank had a crew of 8 men, drivers, gunners, loaders and a comander.
The Engine was the Ricardo crosshead valve, water-cooled straight six petrol engine with 150 hp at 1250 rpm.
The tanks top speed was 7.4 km/h.
The weight off the first Male Mark 5 was 29 tons.
The frontal armor of the tank was 14 mm of armor plate.
The 2 main guns was the Hotchkiss QF 6 pdr cannon ( 57 mm ).

In War Thunder

In War Thunder the Mark 5 family of tanks would need a overhaul of rank 1 in order to be fun to play so i have made a concept tree where they could sit ingame! :)



“Old Suggestion”
Male Mark 5 - Great Britain - War Thunder - Official Forum

A simple ranking change as in the Moderns get moved high as to like a 13.0 and the WW1 tanks will take the place of the reserve tanks and possible 1.2.

I would want WW1 tanks but they seem a lot more complicated to enjoy than WW1 planes, +1 but not sure how to implement

well as I personally have no problems with WW1 tanks I’m a better ground force player but still as I stated Gajin could do a simple rank change and move everything 1 or more Br’s.

it’s not hard they just have to move things up 1 rank so modern tanks go from 12 to 13.

and the rest follow

I mean WW1 tanks have terrible mobility, wouldn’t be that fun unless you play them exclusively in arcade with some major boosts

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I have no problems with low speed honestly you forget the WW1 tanks that are quick the f-17 or 16 renualt.

The Maus is over twice as fast as the FT-17

but the Mark 4 and A7V where heavy Infantry tanks so there where meant to be slow so infantry can keep up.

actualy I think the maus could only go either 12mp/h or 12km/h more maybe 20km/h is 12mp/h

Okay, there’s no infantry in WT so i don’t see how it’s relevant.
The Maus has a top speed of about 20 km/h and at least has a lot of armor to protect itself.
The FT-17 has a top speed of 7 km/h and certainly doesn’t have that armor

I feel something is off with the info because if you watch the old war films the Ft-17 is out running the infantry by a great margin an humans can run around 15-20mph.

well example the Churchill was built as an Infantry tank they where slow for that reason.

and also why I state the films from the war for the FT-17 is because they state 7km/h and that is 4.3mp/h.