Making matching more friendly

I think that it’s fairer to make matching more B.R. friendly. I think that 9.3 would be a more fair B.R. because the 10.3 Su-25 is slower then most other aircraft at it’s tier and the 10.7 Yak-28B is the only real threat but it’s manageable.

Can you get your meaning easier to understand?

I don’t know what you want there,…

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I’m saying why don’t we just dum down the B.R. Level to a B.R. that’s fair. So I think that 9.3 is a fair B.R. to place this at considering that it will go up against the same level of difficulty aircraft. It’s a fair way to get some of the missile fighters placed in a higher B.R. If it has more than 2 missiles.

What is “it” (Yak-28B or Su-25)?

Make short sentences,… spaced them,…

Make it easy to understand.

I’m clear?

I’m talking about both. I’m just suggesting that the Su-25 isn’t really a threat and the Yak-28B is the only real threat but it’s manageable.

Yak-28B does have engines and TWR enough to get away of most aircrafts at it’s BR.

Su-25 despite the fact it is much slower than most aircrafts, does have 2 R-60M all-aspect missile,… from this alone it can’t go lower BR because it would face 9.0/9.3 aircrafts with no possibilty to evade such missiles, nearly garanteeing 2 kills/match
It is also an Attacker, in such it is not made to do air-kills and must be played in GRB in which the aircraft perform currently ok/good for it’s BR and Abilities.
→ same problem than A-10/A-6 aircrafts in WT.
→ dooble standard exist with Super Étendard being HOLD back in weaponary to avoid it a too high BR

This is why I suggested that they do this for all nations. That way there is something to counter it. It’s the only fair way to cut down on the missile spam because anything with 4x missiles will automatically be put at a higher B.R. because they have such a good kill ratio. It’s a way to lower the B.R.’S without actually changing any.