Making grass a permanent feature for Ground Battles

I noticed when the grass range is at 0% it still shows a low rendered grass, a permanent grass; unfortunately it doesn’t work in the 1st person view, only in 3rd person.

The developers should try to add grass as a permanent feature to Ground Battles, it’ll make the game more alive and the combats more dynamic. The ideal would be full grass range but since this was never tried, they can start with the low rendered grass and I hope, one day, make an optimized full range grass for all players.

Grass Range at 0%


Low rendered permanent grass.


Low rendered permanent grass doesn’t show in 1st person.


Would you like permanent grass in War Thunder?
  • Yes, I want.
  • No, I don’t want.
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I really like the look of the grass in War Thunder, especially in the gunner or commander view it gives you the feeling of being right in the middle of it, without grass it all seems far too arcade.

But as the only one, or one of the few users of this view, you are at a great disadvantage, which is why I deactivated it again at some point with a heavy heart … like the speed of sound.
I think the grass view should be indispensable in realistic battles, at the latest in simulator battles.
Just like the speed of sound ;)


I agree. WT tends to be realistic : then we must be able to hide behind branches, bushes, grass, plants etc.

Suggestion : a map featuring wheat field in which we can hide ?


This will not fix anything because you can use a very old PC to play WT and instantly you get Advantage no grass see-through walls because they don’t render and smoke many ppl do it and use ULQ so no fixing will be implemented

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This setting needs to be reworked. It clearly gives an advantage. It’s essential to strike a balance between the needs of all players, ensuring everyone faces the same challenges, such as the ability to blend into the environment. Moreover, it’s time to update game settings to reflect current technological advancements. We are in 2023, and expecting games to be optimized for outdated hardware configurations, like a ThinkPad with a 5th generation Intel i5 processor, is no longer reasonable. Most players have much more capable setups. The mode for older GPUs is outdated and unfairly benefits those who use it.

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  1. check how many cores use your PC because we all know WT is amazingly optimized
  2. I,m using AMD setup with Ryzen 9 and RX 6800 last year had a problem with the game and play on o 7 month old Drivers because of WT so no other games was working for me like Red2 all ask for new drivers i was stuck like this
  3. called Fixes are smoke in players eye’s
  4. The code is so old
  5. They say years ago they try to make WT for every one that’s why old PC can run it and ULQ is issues years now
    6.almost 11 years Beta
    7.Not to mention Idle sitting on Garage burning throu CPU and throttle better alt tab
    8.We can hope they try to fix some issues
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I agree, the only thing that annoys me is when a pesky little dude come along while your behind a wall of grass, you can hear him, but not see him, and he just takes that lucky shot without confirming the target, maybe we see an introduction of something like Sim battles where friendly tanks only get marked when your within radio range/engine electrical is on and teams can damage their own players to compensate for the silly dudes who don’t necessarily follow the rules of engagement. (Sorry for the rant, but there has to be something to balance it)

ULQ has some disadvantages as well. Distant objects become extremely blurry and unrecognizable because of ULQ. Blurriness makes it harder to spot enemy tanks in third person view. Also low end PCs often lag without ULQ so ULQ is their only option.


I’m a console player. On consoles, there are no graphics settings and the grass display cannot be turned off. Also, since you cannot set shadows and effects, I feel that low-quality PC players are sneaky. I think it’s best to look at the PC specs and forcefully increase the image quality settings, add graphics settings to the console, or set the console’s image quality settings as the lowest level for the game.

Not only gras is the problem - LOD range is abysmal like 100m for full detail - especially noticeable on Winter maps and with Nvidia drivers that tend to glitch and give you square of light around your tanks tat changes lighting and lod to everything it touches. Tree range is the another setting that is abused to remove walls from 3rd person view - don’t know who hade this geniuses idea to merge this setting with trees - maybe the engine is just to old.
There should be limit to certain settings for Sim/RB matches to not be graphically abused.
Also changing smoke should be priority since from the game beginning everything produces so much unrealistically amounts of smoke that game could be renamed Smoke Thunder.


LOD switching is terrible. You can see obvious model switching not only at the edges of the screen but also in the center, which is poor for modern game graphics. The boundary line can be clearly seen on an aircraft, and it is at a level that is very noticeable in eSports match videos. I wouldn’t say it’s UE’s Nanite, but I would like to see a smoother LOD implementation.

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My PC says NO.


Stop talking to PC

That’s the majority of us so

Majority wants grass ‘always ON’ )

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I fail to see where this so-called majority is.


In the voting section 🙂