Making a useless BM-8-24 useful

The BM-8-24 isnt a very good vehicle is an understatement, it is one of the most useless vehicles in game and doesnt even deserve the br of 1.0. Only collectors would buy the vehicle (and probaby never use it) . The M-8 (9mm pen) rocket’s penatration speaks for itself, and Gj has a history of equiping vehicles with shells that were not used in real life (i.e. the Maus/E100 using the 128/88 APHEDS shell) . I think giving it the RBS-82 rocket would increase its viability. What do you think, should Gj give it the RBS-82 give the vehicle some value or keep it historical?

what do you think?
  • Give RBS-82 so the vehicle is actually useful, and people will actually use it
  • Keep the current configuration

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