Make the ignore feature work both ways when you want to block someone

Can we make the forum ignore element work both ways so that when you add someone to your ignore list you cant see them and they cant see you, because i dont like toxic people who troll and can see what i post, i find some people very offensive even when i have them ignored because there is a work around that they can follow you about, and talk about you in a 3rd person manner to someone else in the same thread

Will need a bigger bag of popcorn for this one

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And here lies an example about to happen

Care to expand on the reply?

As for my post: what you wrote will likely bring out some interesting back and forth. If you found it toxic, I suspect there are bigger problems on your end.

Ive seen the pop corn commeht else where. Reminds me of someone else who i would like to avoid, thats my choice. Its just an idea a wishie wish idea 😜

There maybe bigger problems at my end and there maybe not, but i am not here to talk sbout me but the game, i am awaer of my failings and achievements. I strive to better my self and i more than likly play WT way to much.

Anyway many forus ingnore work both ways, its just an idea im not going to cry about it

This is not needed also it’s quite impossible. Nothing from stopping someone to not be logged in and still browse everything on the forums.
Either grow a thicker skin or report.

Actually if i ignore someone i cant read what they say but they can read what i say, if i am having a meaningful discussion on a subject i dont need negative toxic trolls having an influence or trying to embarrasse me or even be offensive with out being direct. I believe in prevention is vetter than the cure. You dont have tomuse the feature but for some it might be refreshing

Assuming that ignore would work both ways as you wish, it only works as long as both are logged into the forum. If the other person or you wouldn’t be logged in, you can still browse eachother posts, then login and post comments.
Also, this is not a feature on any public forum afaik.

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I am spending more time in this forum than playing the game due to its issue’s. Everyone has there opinions, which is fine. If there was less issue’s there will be less issue posts and less posts to solve said issues and less people getting personal about skill levels just to get there point across.
Atm issues are going round and round in circles in the forum, multiple topics on said issues where posters want there voice heard. CAS v TO is a prime example.

To begin with i only came to this forum to learn the game, not to argue. Everyone wants to hsve fun at the end of the day, but xbox is going into standby more often as i put my controler down i pick my tablet up to look in this forum for a chat πŸ˜†