Make Arizona Nevada and Texas 7.0 for the love of god

These ships are most definitely NOT 6.7 material, with godly armor and great shells. Compare them to wyoming, which has worse armor and MUCH WORSE shells. Make them 7.0 please.

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I know you’ve posted a couple of times about raising or lowering BRs of various ships, but there isn’t much point at the moment. They just added a new tier, but haven’t changed a single ship’s BR currently, and it’s probably going to be a while before they adjust things.

We all know that the current 7.0 ships, for example, aren’t created equal. You have the Scharnhorst and Kronshtadt which can absolutely dominate a match, and then you have the Renown and the Alaska which are floating ammo magazines.

Once they start to decompress things, I think we’ll get to see some adjustments that will hopefully make people happy, and show that Gaijin doesn’t just think of naval as an afterthought.

Until then, it’s probably a good idea to learn the weaknesses of these ships to avoid frustration. They both have extremely long reloads which makes dodging their fire a lot easier, and the ammo racks are very vulnerable especially at closer ranges.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for these changes but, until naval gets more players, I don’t see them addressing it in a timely manner.


The problem is when you are in a sevastopol class or wyoming class which is also 6.7, the ARIZONA AND NEVADA are literally superior in every way, you cannot even penetrate them 5km+. But they are the same BR.

I would also argue that kronshtadt is also no longer the beast people used to fear , gets ammo racked pretty reliably , meanwhile Scharnhorst has an armor that Is 1000mm in half of its visible side profile, that thing was a mistake. İf you do not repair your secondaries it is impossible to die in that thing.

I agree that the Kronshtadt is not as powerful as the Scharnhorst, but it is still clearly superior to most of the other 7.0 BR ships.

You can pretty reliably detonate the shell room and magazines of the Arizona and Nevada at 5km if you aim below the waterline under their turrets. It takes some practice, but once you find it, you won’t have nearly as much trouble with them. They are much more dangerous at longer ranges if you don’t maneuver a lot to avoid their fire.

However, as I said, you probably won’t see much movement of ships between BRs for a while. What I suspect they will do is introduce some higher BR ships now that tier VI is in the game, and then they will rebalance the ships around that. It’s going to be frustrating for a while.

It does get better with experience though. I mostly play naval, and with over 3000 battles, I’ve gotten used to the power discrepancies and found ways to compensate for the strengths and weaknesses of most ships. It’s just a steep learning curve with a lot of cursing until then.

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And will continue to be so, by design. Once those higher BR ships are introduced, and current vessels are rebalanced, you’ll have the same problem, but different ships.

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