Major Update "Seek & Destroy" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

DROP EVERYTHING <.< new leopard just dropped. germany is eating GOOOD this eurosatory


Looks fake to me

I believe that capacity was retained regardless.
Also, the rewiring mostly reworked controls and wing hardpoints.
The fuselage hardpoints were left unaltered afaik

i mean at the very least we will see next week

Tbh, KF51 is still by far my fav :P

hardpoints are one things but wiring for them is another

I am german, i am claiming them all lol. It just looks so much better turret wise the 2a8 is kinda ugly with the damn eurothrophy radars placement while this is smoothly integrated

Is for me?

sadly no, from what are seeing no participation of the french part at all

its popably more greek then french lol

To me there is something wrong with the breech it seems to be floating

unammend turret design, the whole breech loader seems to go up and down

the turret is based on the rct 120 turret it looks the same there


i think the Render was making look weird looks better in this one

Ah well, is that an offshoot of the 2A8 or is there still not enough known about it.

Hopefully the French component of KNDS is cooking something good for us to salivate over as well.

there is more pcitures in the leopard thread didnt want to spam every known picture known to god in here

it is propably the follow up modell to the 2a8, the “prototype” name of the follow up was always known as 2AX and supposed to be the final interrim until the MGCS, which i can see this one being.
The whole thing propably isnt series production ready. Thats why we propably not gonna get it for quite a while outside of demonstrators

It’s RC right?

Yeah we’ll see it in 5 years when Gaijin finally finished modeling every little cable and connection in the xray and damage model lol.

unmanned turret. Not completly remote controlled

@MS_Phantasm i appear to have skipped over the armament part
so maybe at one point there is a french one